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Is it sleep apnea?

During PR it was noticed that sleep apnea may be an undiagnosed problem. I am due a blood test in a few days but in the meantime I tried an oximeter test just for my benefit.

I was horrified to see that on three occasions during one night my oxygen dropped way below 90% and on one occasion below 75%.During each occasion my pulse fell from a normal (for me) of around 85 - 90 bpm down to below 60 bpm.

Does anyone know if these results suggest that sleep apnea might be an issue?

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3 in a night is not bad, without my machine I get 73 an hour!!!, so Ive heard they dont treat under 30 an hour.



Thanks David,

I have no idea about this issue - just what I've been told so far. Thanks for your reply



have you tried taking the online test on the BLF website?

That might give you an idea

Hope this helps



for sure get the epworth test done and get to the gp or consultant if your score is high. I have been told i have it, its such a reasurrance to this feeling down and tired all the time. Please let us know how you get on


Hi & thanks for the responses. I did complete the Epworth test and scored (from memory) 19 which is "Moderate".

I had a blood test today for carbon dioxide and that was fine, did an SP02 test (have my own) overnight then printed the results which the nurse wanted to keep so ... waiting to see the consultant ... update after that.

Thanks for the help


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