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Hope this weather is going to last!


My husband has COPD and is oxygen 24/7. We managed to go out for a couple hours this morning. We only went to Tesco's which took me half an hour to walk it.

It was great to get out but as my husband has a mobility scooter it is often difficult to find low kerbs to get up and down, also cars park on the pavement and you have to go in the road to get by.

Anyway the fire alarm went off in Tesco's and my husband was in the lift but I had to walk down the travelator so did not know where he was. The staff were very helpful, it was a false alarm so it added a bit of excitement to our trip out!

It is my birthday tomorrow I will be 66 I am looking forward to my grandchildren singing to me. Our grandson will be 5 on Wednesday and our son is coming down from Nottingham for a couple of days. It means that we will have our son and daughter and our four grandchildren all together.

I know that my husband does not sleep as much when my grandson is in the room playing Robotniks on the TV.

Our grandchildren keep us going.

I am sure that most of you would agree.

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Hope you have a great day 2morr,,,enjoy the fun ,,,,,,,,,,,, :)


Yeah I hope you have a good day you deserve it.

I haven't got children or grandchildren but I'm sure you're right

Bev x

Happy Birthday, hope you have lovely day with your family. :-)

polly xx

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday, :) have a great time & yes the Grandchildren certainly keep us on our toes, fingers crossed we keep the weather :)


Happy birthday. Know you will enjoy your grandchildren.

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