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I have been lucky enough to get a place on a pulmonary rehabilitation course at the end of the month. Anybody got any tips? Thanks in advance. Bob

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You will be fine,,it is not a compitition,, you will meet people at different stages in lung disease,lots of good tips,, and the physos are a great bunch,,,,,, enjoy :)

Only the obvious lucky man just go. You'll learn a lot and the exercises will do you the world of good.

Good luck,


Hi hillips1

Good luck with your place on the course.

You must let me know how you get on as I hope to be able to take advantage of such a course in future.

Kind regards



Just go and wear comfy clothing, nothing too tight on your waist. My 1st appointment is on the 16th of this month so will let you all know how I get on.



Just go at your own pace by the end you'll feel great I did.

Kim xx

loved my course,,and have,nt laughed so much in ages,,mainly through the various stages of face pulling, you will also get a few talks on various subjects as well,,,and at the end,,a much needed cuppa,,thats when i found out about the breathe easy club here in weymouth as well,,,looking forward to our Easter dinner this wed as well,,,,yum yum yum

stay carm, do what you can , work within your limits don't try and be better than the pone next to you just do the best you can. take a note pad and pen as some useful stuff maybe said that you might like to take note of. try and get there with a bit of time. your first lesson may be just sitting a talking but enjoy ,relax , take any meds you might need and enjoy

Just enjoy yourself its a great gas :)

Bev x

Enjoy socializing with others who understand lung conditions we learn from each other at the same time we learn from nurses and physios

Get the most out of it, ( without overdoing it) as theses places are precious. You will likely meet some great people, learn how to manage your practical lung problem and how to keep yourself as well as possible. Enjoy .......

I did course similar to this and got a lot out of it aswell as learning to control myself breathing I met a lot great people all in similar cindition and made some friends staff was really great helped in every way they could, just take things easy and your own pace good luck

i start mine at 3 oclock this after noon,i`lllet you know how it goes

Grumpy (my hubby) is going again at the end of April, it will be his first return since being on oxygen (he went two years ago) and he is dreading it. I am having to go with him to push him in the wheelchair until he gets into the venue, then I am beggering off for a cup of coffee and a cake and leaving the miserable old so and so to it, let someone else sort him out for an hour.

Wear loose fitting clothes and trainers then you will feel more comfortable, our physio says that canulas (for your nose) are not much use when exercising as you will be mouth breathing so a mask will be better, but as you cannot use a conserver with a mask you will be using more oxygen and a 400 cylinder does not last long so we are having a discussion with them before we go to see what is the best way to go about it. That may be a good thing to do, have a quick word with them about the oxygen you will be using before you go.

You will enjoy it, it made my husband feel he wasn't the only person in the world who had the problem and talking to each other was a great pick- me-up for him.

It will be the best thing you ever did as exercise is very important.

Hi Bob. I finished my course at the end of September. A group of 13 in a half circle, mixed gender, mixed race, mixed religion, mixed senses of humour (somehow I found myself at the end with the dirty minded people - can't think why). Strangers at first. After a couple of weeks we became more of a group, encouraging one another, helping one another out. Two Muslim ladies of, I guess, different Muslim traditions - one had her husband there (made a mean cup of tea!) but kept her physical distance though joined in the chatter, the other used to slap me on the shoulder and tell me to get on with it - her husband used to come & pick her up - always late so I used to stay with her & chat until he came. Nice chap.

Two things.

1) As I was told decades ago - the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. It may be the only time to find out something which has been worrying you.

2) Despite good intentions, we lost contact after the course ended, and I regret that.

I hated the exercises -but they are easier in company. I suggest you take full advantage of the opportunity. Good luck.


Frank don't you have a Breathe Easy in your area, no excercises but lots of friends to be made.

polly xx

Polly, yes there is an established group just a 15 minute drive from me.

As I said earlier, it took several weeks of meetings twice a week for a rapport to develope in the PR group, which equates to several months of Breathe Easy meetings with only 1 a month, and I don't find it easy to fit in to a group like that. Also, in the PR group we were all new so there was no having to fit in to existing sub-groups.

Maybe I was unlucky but the first meeting I went to was the AGM, another had a lecture on benefits which was outside my interest since I worked and saved all my life so I can't get benefits, and another agreed on a christmas dinner at a venue unsuitable for wheelchairs/electric scooters, so I couldn't go.

I couldn't find the enthusiasm after that.


Well just get up enthusiasm and come on Thursday. Don't know what the subject is but is friendly anyway and a new committee. Hope to see you there.


Thanks Carole. I don't know if I can get there Thursday (mostly depends on weather) but your invitation has cheered me up.

Hi, I go to my first meeting on wednesday this week, am looking forward to it but bit apprehensive, its good to read all these positive things, I will let everyone know how I get on.

Good luck to those who are just starting as well.

Best wishes Ju x

Meant to say did mine 4 years ago wish I could go back again.

polly xx

A delightful blog describing the benefits of attending a course blf.healthunlocked.com/blog... good luck have a great time.

I suggest you take a sweatshirt or cardigan with you. The gym we did our PR course in was cold and so a t shirt would not have been warm enough. There were 2 of us on the course who used oxygen and using the canula was fine. If you are on oxygen you may need to use a higher number for the duration of the course but don't worry the physios monitor peoples oxygen levels. A very enjoyable course,

Regards Mandy

My grateful thanks to all of you who replied. I have made a list of your suggestions and I will report back to my elders and betters on my return from the course. Without you lot on here I wouldn't even have known about Pulmonary rehabilitation. Many thanks. Bob

Hi phillips1 -I really enjoyed PR and learnt an awful lot as i had only just been diagnosed with COPD. Plenty of opportunities to ask questions, no matter how trivial you think they are, it's all important for your learning about this complex disease. They were a great bunch with different levels if severity, it was quite sobering to see that many were a lot worse than me, and I feel dreadful some days.

What I took away was the exercises which I do religiously for 40 minutes most days. I have never really exercised properly before and after a couple of months I now actually enjoy a good session. I hope you enjoy it is much as I do. Good Luck Adrian

You will have agood time - there is no one with a whip! Take a bottle of water.

I bet you will feel one whole amount better and more confident about physical tasks by the end.

i`ve done my first hour of my eight week course ,nothing to worry about, they are gentle with you,no forced work take your time between exercises,go forit

Go with an open mind and hope in your heart.You will enjoy it..

Read the KOTC laughter show

you daily tonic.

Hi Bob, I have had 2 lots of pul rehab and i can say to anyone that it is the best thig i have ever had, being with others that are similar but not the same as you i very promising. I have been helped alot on these so make the most no need to fear. enjoy love xxx

Its a pity that there is nothing put in place so that we can continue in a group because this is what is so important lots of support xx

Thanks Squirrel. I am grateful for your support. xx


I have just finished the course and really enjoyed it more than I thought I would x

Hi, Take full advantage of it. You will besuprised at how good you feel at then end of it.

Hi bob iive just finished a 7week (2twice a week) rehabilitation course i really enjoyed it my walking test at the beginning was 270 metres and today it was 300 metres really pleased with that ive met some lovely people and the team was amazing good luck to you and anyone else starting the course hope you all do well

Best wishes

Pauline xx

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