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had a similar experience Isince I got the copd than


Hi all first time on this forum although I was diognosed 15 years ago.I had a chest X-ray a few weeks ago had pain in my chest all the tests were ok.Was called back to the hostpital last week there was something abnormal on my chest X-ray.The doctor wants me to have a ct scan now she said there was some bulking on my lungs going on Monday for the ct scan very worried does anyone have any experience of this thank you in antisapation

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Dont worry a ct scan gives a better picture of your lungs,,sometimes a xray does not give the full picture,,,and it is a dawdle you even get a wee lie down,, hoping it goes well,,,,,, let us know how you get on,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

Hi and welcome Ormeau. Best wait until the results as trying to predict what the problem may be will only stress you.

Thanks folks love the support just a wee bit apprehensive .Think is the not knowing .

Hello Ormeau and welcome to our web community. You'll find lots of emotional support plus help and advice on the COPD etc. here with us :)

Try not to let your imagination run away with you with regard to the CT scan. What's that saying.... about crossing bridges before you get to them ? :)

Lots of luck and best wishes for Monday


I have to admit I was panicked when the word scan was mentioned, I lay there thinking what do they think is wrong, the consultants No1 man came and explained that it was to eliminate things not to detect something horrible.

The scan itself is painless, lie down, follow the instructions given, move gently in and out of the machine and that's it. They do give you a small intravenous dose of dye which may make you feel a warm glow as it goes round, all over in no time at all. In my case the second one I had saved my life as they found some blood clots in my lungs.

Good luck

Thank you everyone it's good to share with people who have had the same fears.

Don't worry - CAT scan quite fun. Only way of getting accurate diagnosis so have a drink or two before hand and give it to thenm straight!!!

Got the ct scan today no problem will not know the result until thurs Frid .It was no prob but I am convinced I have lung cancer so scared.Wish I could just get on with it as I do my copd.Feel so weak and I am usually quite optimistic grrrrrrrr.thanks for your support. Ormeau

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