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Why Parents Drink....... Something for most age groups...and all HealthUnlockders.. Hee HEE,

Why Parents Drink:

The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees was absent but had not phoned in sick.So he dialled the employee's home phone numberand was greeted with a child's whisper.


''Is your daddy home?'', '' Yes he's out in the garden,'' whispered the small voice.

''May I talk with him?'' The child whispered ''No.''

So the boss asked,''Well is your Mummy there?'' Whispering she said ''Yes,she's in the garden too.''

& the boss asked ''May I talk with her?'' Again te small voice whispered,''No''

Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message,the boss asked''Is anybody else there?'',''Yes'' whispered he child ''a policeman''.

Wondering what a cop would be doing ar his employee's home,the boss asked, May I speak with the policeman? ''No he's busy'' whispered the child.

''Busy doing what?'' ''Talking to Mummy and Daddy and the police dog man''

Growing more worried as he heard a loud noise in the background, ''What is that noise?''

''It's a helicopter'' answered the whispering voice.

''What is going on there?'' demanded the boss,now truly apprehensive.''The search team just landed a helicopter''.

'' A search team?'' said the boss.''What are they looking for?'' Still whispering,the young voice replied with a muffled giggle....''ME''

Richard Cornish


You do not have to whisper at your local Breathe Easy group.

Woud you like the search team to find your local Breathe Easy group then phone 03000 030 555 BLF Helpline 10am-6pm Mon- Fri

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i was in the kitchen earlier cooking tea for myself & granddaughter who,s 3, I heard the door to the hall close, so I called her & she came in & said I haven,t broke anything, ok I said & thought no more about it, as we passed through the hall to go & have a bath I noticed a handle on top of a small set of draws which should have been on the top draw :D I love their honesty at that age, even when they tell a porky they give themselves away I chuckled all evening over that! :)


Lovely, and so familiar!! I do hope your comments brings on a rash of our kids' dark and dirty deeds from when they were little. One of the few that stick out for me is when I caught my son, aged 2 or 3, picking his nose. I wasn't very pleased and told him it wasn't nice and that I didn't ever want to see him doing it again. A while later I passed the door leading to the hall and there he was, looking in the mirror picking his nose! Andrew! I said very loudly, the poor little soul nearly jumped out of his skin! What have I just told you? . . in a quivering little voice he explained that I'd said I didn't want to see him doing it, he thought it was ok if HE could see himself doing it! Ha ha, he's not changed much! Let's hear your stories.........


On a bus in town a woman with a youngster asked for one and half to the marketplace a tug on the coat and a small worried voice asked can all of me go please made me smile on cold grey day.


THE JOYS OF PARENTHOOD,,,,,,,,They are as bad as pussy cats,,,,,,,,,,, hahhahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahah


My two eldest when they were about 3 and 18 months were playing in the front room while I filled the washing machine. They were alone for less than 5 minutes when I found them sat on either side of the fireplace. They had put their hands up the chimney and covered each other in soot. The cheeky grins showed pearly white teeth . It was many years ago but still makes me smile when I remember it. (The fire wasnt lit).


So lovely to read these stories.


At the of four my son aarron disappear while we were shopping, as you can imagine my wife and i were panic stricken, the police and ourselves combed Lancaster from top to tail, to no avail, after several hours he finally turned up i, macdonalds, he,cd crashed a birthday party thinking it was his, when we asked him why he replied the sign in the window said so. Still laugh about it now when i see kids having a party.


hi king,superb

we found all our cuterly gone, so i asked my 2yr old did he know where it was, he down there and pointed to the drain, he also buried the back door key in the garden, and many yrs later we found it, but we had changed the lock.

we had a phone call from devon and my mother-in-law said that all the keys from the house were missing, so i asked my 5yr old did he know where they were, the answer yes under his, so they were posted C.O.D.

children are so delightful kept us very busy



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