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I had an appointment come in the post this morning for a lung function test, so what you might say we all have them! Well it said in the letter no inhalers on the day of the test which is at 12 noon, in a hospital 12 miles away. I have to drive there, find a parking space which are like gold dust and walk along the corridor for what seems miles, carrying my oxygen. My husband would usually help me but he has developed an ulcer on his leg which is giving him a lot of pain! Think I will ring and ask if I can just take my reliever as I am very severe COPD stage 4.This is all in preparation for a consideration for pulmonary valves so I don't want to spoil it! Oooh missed out the fact that I have to shower and dress before all that! Keep smiling.

Carole x

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  • That's tough Carole. I think it is best to phone them and discuss this with them. There must be some allowances they can make.

    Lynne xx

  • You're caught between a rock and a hard place. Taking the reliever may alter the test numbers but then again you maybe too breathless to do them properly anyway !

  • So sorry Carole. Hope they allow you to do something to help.

  • Hi Carole - Ring and ask them by all means - but don't risk taking your reliever without their knowledge, as that may skew your test results. I would suggest you have your shower the day before and prepare in advance by having clothes laid out ready to hand, along with anything else you may need to take with you. On the day you then only need to dress, have breakfast and go to the car. I always shower the day before my appointments - on 'normal' days when I shower I have little energy left for other stuff. I know these appointment days are physically demanding - I usually end up with edema and a week or so to recover :( - but in the long run its all worth the effort. Good luck with the tests, P :)

  • Will they not supply a Hospital car or transport?

  • Hi Carole I would ask about transport then you would not have to walk anywhere, you may be there a while longer but it would be worth it.

    Ask, you have nothing to loose.

    polly xx

  • Give them a ph,explain the situation,,,who knows they may get you a taxi or hosp transport,,,and tell them you will need a wheel chair and assistance on arrival and see what they come up with ......

  • Well I am glad I rang. My consultant didn't give instructions that I had to do it without medication so I can use my inhaler. I also asked about using my oxygen and I take that with me too. As I can use my inhaler I can manage with my rollator to travel the corridors of the hospital slowly! Thankyou all for your replies. Keep as well as you can and keep smiling :D

  • Really glad you got that part sorted as I think you have enough to contend with. Good luck with your test.


  • Thankyou Lorraine I hope you are feeling a bit better today, onward and upward xxx

  • was so pleased to see you had sorted it, that was good news, i hope you get more good news with the results...x

  • I would phone and see if you can get hospital transport its too important an appointment too miss or get too breathless to do the test hope it goes well for you !:-)

  • Good luck carole :) Such a relief for you to know that the inhaler is on hand for when you need it :)

  • Hi Carole, yep, was also going to suggest either a volunteer car service or a passenger ambulance. Failing that you could ask for a porter with wheelchair at main reception to take you to the department needed. It seems crazy to expect you to do all that extra walking and with your oxygen to carry as well. Hope you get something sorted,~ Lovelight

  • Hi Carole

    I had a similar letter from the hospital last time and by golly did I panic so I did just what you did and rang the clinic I was told the advice is usually for first timers and that it would be sill for me not to use my inhalers because if I could do without them for that length of time then there wasn't much wrong with me :D (this was said in a jocular manner)

    Good Luck with you appointment


  • Ad Spoil It As I To Had Test Saying The Same .... If I Had Of Cheated I Would Not Of Had To Take Inhaler Once Test Was Done .... And Start Al Over Again

    But Seriously Depends What Condition Your Sufferin From :O

  • I had one last week and the same letter as you so I rang them and they said if COPD had been diagnosed then take all your medication as we need to know how you are on your meds. He also said that they shouldn't put that request in COPD peoples letters.

  • I have always been told to take them.When the normal lab.doc was on holiday,I was told in very firm tones,I was not to take them,however I ignored that!! When normal doc.was back,he was very annoyed that I had been told that! As I would be to out of breath to be tested!! Always wise to check,& check again.Glad it all worked out for you,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Thankyou all for your replies, if I can take my inhalers then I can manage to drive myself and use my rollator to get to the department so I don't need to ask for transport, I can leave it for someone who really needs it. Take care everyone and keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Hi Carole.

    That sounds to be fairly typical of my experiences with Gloucestershire hospital admin. Well done you for getting them to clarify matters.


  • me too ... I got similar letter - so thank goodness for this blog - I will ring and get it sorted . THANKYOU THANKYOU all :)

  • Think you've had all the right things to do but i'll still chip in. I get an outpatient ambulance and when we get to hos if the driver is busy I tell him it's ok i'll ask at reception for a porter and wheel chair to go to whichever department i'm going to and there's never been a problem. The first time I asked I was embarresed

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