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Does anyone find that stuffy heat affects their breathing?

I play darts for a social club and there are no windows to open. There is air conditioning but when I turn it on I get told off because the others are cold. It gets very hot and stuffy there and that, combined with chalk dust when I mark, makes me very hot and breathless. I then start coughing which isn't good when I am marking a game! Other teams complain how hot it is too.

I have explained this to my team but they don't sympathese or seem to understand and they keep moaning they are cold. I am getting hacked off with it. Is there a better way to explain this to them? Any ideas please?

Bev x

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i moved house in Jan and now most rooms have got a fan in them.

I have had asthma for a few years and have noticed that when my breathing is getting slightly worse i need the fans on at home.

I am not out very often but always have a fan in my handbag...and in car i have a desk fan in a back pack and have used it on many occasions....good luck :)

oops and yes stuffy air makes my breathing worse

Good idea MrsValentine I will start carrying a fan I think. I won't be able to use it when I am marking the board or playing but it would be some help.


Bev x

Hi Bev

Maybe the compromise with the a-c is to have it set to "fan only", that way you get the air circulation and nobody should complain about being cold. Alternatively you can experiment with temperature settings if thats possible. I'm assuming they are not allowed to smoke in your social club! otherwise a mask or better still you can wear scuba gill minus the wetsuit and flippers. Hmmm, maybe keep the wet suit LOL. Stay well

I know the feeling well, it feels like all the oxygen is missing from the air. I gather from other sufferers in hospital that they often have the same feeling. So we used to stand near the open window. We did get warned by the ward sister to make sure we only inhaled through our noses as the cold air would only make thing worse. Difficult to do in the middle of a darts match.


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I've seen others use a small, handheld fan. It could help a lot, both with the warm air and in redirecting the chalk dust! .

Auntymary xx

Yes,the handheld fan is a good idea.I find it hard to breathe,when no aircon,we have ours running almost 24 hours,(I do live in oz!) but do find it hard,in places where there is none,I would sometimes have to go out to the car,& sit there whilst the aircon ran high.

Getting back to the question,it is hard for people to understand at times,but if you tell them you are having trouble breathing,one would hope they might be a little understanding!!(tell them to put a cardy on!)Maybe if you tell them,you may have to give away the darts??

Good luck with it anyway xxx

Hah! I have told them but they don't want to know. And they still keep their cardies on even when its roasting! I'm dreading the summer.

I would never give away my darts....I love it too much :)

Bev xx

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