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people who exercise should get priorty NHS care

Well thats what some think in govermeant ... Need to take food reciept and gym membership to hospital to prove you live healthy life style

Vetrans already get priorty treatment in NHS i thought being treated fairly and not being discrimated against was what NHS was all about :(

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I thought taking a pay slip with income tax deductions and national insurance contributions would be a much fairer option daz. What do you think?



Perhasp if we stoped treating the world we would not have too ... But spain a not shy when it comes to holding holiday makers to ransom when it comes to helth care

Govermenant need to get a grip ... Of this hole Empire thing cant have it all :O


hi dazis.ye spot on.every were all over the world gets governments attention.but us get rejected time time again.am ashamed alf time to be english.cs thats ow the governments make me feel.worthless.i worked 30 odd yr in cotton mills.ad 4 children 11 grandkids.but get copd.and mps governments dont want to no.alf of gps same.any help ear in oldham zero help.makes me sik.if they stopped creaping round the world with falz smiles but real mony in handouts to other countries .then wed have a cure now .just annoys me it really does.mony just thrown at other countries willy nilly.wen our own need treatment and cures.sorry but thats ow i feel.so i say it


That migh be one for GEC / ATOS old hands at that sort palath care :(


I saw that someone suggested that gym membership, diet, etc should decide your place in the NHS queue. It made me wonder why anyone who can afford gym membership should be prioritised over someone that cannot. It also made me wonder what happens if someone needs treatment for an injury sustained at the gym?


Like the thinking only fit patients for hospital. Mile round the block before they will admit patients that are fit enough not to need a hospital.


It is all about economics - reduced resources being prioritised for the 'deserving' sick and the rest of us being charged for treatment we have contributed financially to for the whole of our working lives. Disgraceful in my opinion.


The government want to stop benefits for fat people, closing hospitals for ill will be a logical progression of that. Cut down on benefits and pensions a European idea trialled in Germany circa 1939 the results of that research are available.




How can any government have a leg to stand on when smoking, drinking and eating is legal.


Permission for the gas chambers and genocide has been granted then ?

dazisnotsogood > "Need to take food reciept and gym membership to hospital to prove you live healthy life style"

So those in poverty can't prove they eat much and certainly cannot afford to go to the gym, even if they were capable of getting there ?

dazisnotsogood > "i thought being treated fairly and not being discrimated against was what NHS was all about"

So why introduce discrimination ? The original suggestion would only be of benefit to the rich, who can afford a gym membership - and food that provides a healthy lifestyle.

dazisnotsogood > "...spain a not shy..."

They've only had the Sistema Nacional de Salud SNS since the 80's but even so, a British citizen is entitled to the same level of care as a native Spaniard. It's not free like our NHS, you pay towards treatment.

Cat-tonic > "... the illness had progressed beyond exercise ..."

Which is the point I'd make. There are many people who can't even get out of the house, and are incapable of doing the most basic exercise.

dazisnotsogood > "...palath care..."

WHAT ? So someone isn't able to exercise, and you would write them off - gawd help you when you get to the point where even getting out of bed is a major task ! That does not mean you've had it, you'll be booking a date at the cemetery next week - lots of people live quite lengthy lives, despite their disabilities.

Rocket3 > "...stop benefits for fat people..."

Now that's offensive, and assumes a person who is overweight should simply starve to death. If they manage to survive, and trim off the excess they can be treated, onyl then do they get fed again ? What rot .

This whole topic is bad news really. I've very disappointed in the views of some people. :(


Gordon, Daz was talking about an article I also saw. I did not read from his comments that he was in agreement with it?


Agreed yes you are right auntmary .. Was in papers today i all so said this is what some in goverment think

A feel same as everyone who as commented



Here is the article that Daz is referring to - I believe the points that other people are trying to make in their posts is summed up in the poem further down - posted by aunty mary.




Thanks for link mark

All the best :)


I totally agree Gordon.

"Well Said That Man"

Wendy x


The means for jumping NHS waiting lists happens now ,it's called private treatment a bank book not tax or contributions will make the doors open dpcaretaker. Money will decide the deserving as usual new tories same old .....


Yep - if you have money it's easy to jump the queue - moneysupermarket.com/health...

or an article at - telegraph.co.uk/finance/per...

They probably won't take you on if you have a pre-existing condition though.


It's divide and conquer. At the moment everyone is being asked to turn on those on benefits, those unable to work, etc. It reminds me of a poem written not long after the second world war:

When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;

I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,

I remained silent;

I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,

I did not speak out;

I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,

I remained silent;

I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,

there was no one left to speak out.


Very moving poem.

I recently read some words on a blog of someone who has a disabling condition and who is fighting for all against unfairness .... "Alone we whisper, together we shout."


Excellent. Says it all.


Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.


Yes its all our resposability to make sure we keep what we have now

If goverment want to live in third world ... Go on then there is enough of them and i wont miss any of them

On issue of ww2 if it was not for the suffering of the jews and others we would not have robust equalty and anti discrimanation laws

And don't propose letting those how died defending all of our rights / wrongs go down in urianls of history with out a fight


I think it's a great idea! I also thought that equal treatment for all was fair. If they plan to change the rules can I reclaim my contributions ... just so that everything remains fair!

Where will Eric Pickles rank in all this?


So those who aren't able to exercise are the culprits? Where is the justice in that? Where is "healthcare for all, free at the point of delivery"?

Check out this Captain Ska youtube link for some current context. "US Healthcare Explained" indicates just where our NHS is heading under current legislation. Heaven help us when insurance companies and U.S. health corporations take over our healthcare system.

"U.S. Healthcare Explained"

And other villains in the following links!

xjean (Captain Ska groupy)


I will add to this. I bet the Queen wasn't left on a hospital trolly for hours like so many old people with life threatening ilnesses. So money talks! I heard too that her corgis are fed on steak and salmon. Her dogs eat better than most people these days....

Bev x


Hi daz,well I went out and got my vit b12., I got the 100mcg as they didn't have the 50. Iv ditched the complex ones as the amounts were very minute,hers hoping eh love and thanks,hope ur ok and feeling better today


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