Ultrabreathe. Cheaper than Powerbreathe but is it as good ?

I've just invested in an Ultrabreathe which I received yesterday. I initially chose it because I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Powerbreathe but reading the write-ups it seem it is more flexible with the settings It is adjustable so you can increase the workload as and when. It strengthens muscles while inhaling and can also be used to do the same for exhaling.

I'll use it and let you all know the outcome after week one, week two, etc.They say improvements should be seen after about a month. I got mine from a divers online shop.


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  • how does it work,,and cost ?

  • Cost from the people I bought from is Β£18.98 inclusive of postage. It works by using a ball bearing to increase or decrease the amount of effort needed. This means you can set it to whatever level suits your particular needs.

  • A pharmacist told me that budgets are tight so the Doctors & Nurses are avoiding handing out prescriptions. From what I understand POWERbreathe is used in research and is approved for prescription, whereas, Ultrabreathe is not. Best ask a medical practice that is prepared to prescribe or ask a decent pharmacist or look further on the internet for research & approved products.

  • I would be interested in the Ultrabreathe. Took note that the powerbreathe is no longer on prescription [- not surprisingly.

  • I got my Powerbreathe on prescription - it just seems to depend on your GP

  • Is the Powerbreathe adjustable ?

  • If you mean by adjustable having different levels then yes it is adjustable.

  • Ok, thanks. To me these breathing things are useful if, for one reason or another, you can't exercise as it does the same thing as a workout. That's just my point of view though. Sometimes I don't fancy going for a walk so I'd use one of these instead. The one I got suggests 25 breaths for each session. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

  • Mine (powrbreathe wellness)is 30 breaths twice a day and the aim of it is to strengthen your breathing muscles.

  • Thanks Sylb. Next question. Does it work ? :)

  • To be honest Puff not sure yet, I bought it a while ago used it for about a week then didn't bother with it (kid with a new toy) but I have just started to use it again so will have to wait and see , Syl xx

  • I've got a flutter pipe to help get gunge up, it has a ball bearing in it. I use it twice a day about 15 blows so really this could be strenthening my breathing muscles too ?

    Lib x

  • I don't see why not.


  • I have recently got a Flutter on prescription and it really does help remove the gunk.

  • Hi Puff seeing your post reminded me I bought a ultrabreathe about 10 years ago and even though we have moved I thought I still had it so I looked in the hidey hole and there it was. I got it out and may have a go. I think I used it a couple of times but never persevered.

    Carole x

  • We shall see if it works. :)

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