Food with memories

I was just getting my tea prepared and decided to do something with the salmon left from last night (instead of giving it the cats).

As I was adding pepper, a drop of vinegar and some mayo I was suddenly whisked back to Sunday tea with my Grandma. She would often open a tin of red salmon as a special treat and we would have salmon and cucumber sandwiches. I think she would be gob smacked to know that now we just have salmon whenever we want and don't have to buy it in tins (and we give the left overs to the cat :) )

This bought forward thoughts of just how things have changed on the food front such as Roast Chicken not just for high day and holidays but just any old time.

Ah memories


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  • When salmon paste in jars was a treat for Sunday tea not something that can easily be explained for young people only kept as memories of a time when having something was worth more even if it cost sixpence for something that costs pounds now.

  • Often find myself away down memory lane going into the corner shop for things we cannot find now the cheese was much nicer fresh cut than the plastic wrapped nonsense they sell in supermarkets it could be anything no taste in it.

  • Evaporated milk with jelly. Banana and demarara sugar sandwich. Anyone think of anything else?

  • i still eat banana sandwiches, mee mee good, love them

  • Oh my favourite was beef dripping on hot toast,,my brother and i used to fight over the jelly in the bottom of the bowl,,,and home made rice pud,,he always got the skin of the top,,,still make it the old way now and let the 2 grankids fight over who gets the skin,,,

  • My grandmother roasting a rabbet , which she had stuffed with celery onions and breadcrumbs Or frying a herring until the skin was crispy and we ate it With best butter on bread , potato cake made with what was left of the Sunday mashed potatoes and eaten straight from the oven Spread with loads of best butter

  • Do you know, I really prefer tinned salmon (red, not pink). I love it in sandwiches but really struggle to eat fish otherwise. I was just talking to friends about this on FB. We bought some Akers to try tonight but most of mine went in the bin. Yuck!

    Lynne xx

  • A bowl of hot bread and milk,used to love that as a child.Jam roly poly for 'afters' after supper eaten.Used to love a rice dish, my gran made,tinned spam sliced,into a buttered oven dish,tins of peas and carrotts,put on top,boiled rice(already cooked ) on top,and a tin of tomato soup poured over, and into the oven,it was yummy! Treacle pudding, the list could go on..... xx

  • My thoughts exactly when having caviar and marmite on my toast for breakfast. Cat gets same minus toast.

  • My mom used to be a cook at Doctor Banardos so we used to have lovely grub, we were not very well off but she could make anything into a delishious dinner and her pastry and rock cakes were to die for. She never taught me she was always too busy so when I got married I used to stand over the cooker the whole time the meal was cooking the food was awful I once made a bread pudding that was so heavy I could't pick it up, even the ducks would not eat it. I can cook now but would rather not bother.

    polly xx

  • Used to have sugar sandwiches for tea if no jam left until Friday payday, Dad was paid in cash every week, no cheques or bank transfer, mind you I was 40 before I was paid like that, gosh I must be old!

  • penny dainties

  • Love marmite. Family favourite, marmite and lettuce sandwiches. Never had it with caviar tho' - come to think of it, don't think I've ever had cavier, now on my 'to do' list. Drip bread and marmite ooooooooooooooh luvverly - makes one dribble down one's oxygen tube ;) !!!

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