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Asbestos And Lung Disease Or Fibrosis Miners Lung Ever Get The Feeling There Not Being Totaly Honest With You

Am No Expert .... But Since Legislation IIBD Mainly There Are Been Huge Advances In No Not Diagnostic Technekes But In Information People Have Access To Like The Internet And Research

Here's Good Example .... B4 My Ct Scan I Had A Look On Internet Not To Be Doom And Gloom Merchant But So I Could See For My Self Whats Going On

My Right Lung Looks Like A Miners ..... Thats Great As I Have Never Been Down A Mine But I Have Been Exposed To Asbestos LOADS When I Was At School Like I Had Any Say ... :0 And Then Loads In My Occupation As School Caretaker / Building Manager :P

Then We Have Issues Of Medical Profession Government Thinking We Are Back In 1970s When Not Everyone Had Access To Internet Ct Scans And Or Information :O

Going Of My Research Experience And Disease And Being Exposed To Asbestos Ect It Looks To Me Like Am Being Scammed By IIDB Because Of My Age

Emphysema Cuting Threw The Bull Is Fibrosis And Miners Lung Is Hugh Fibrosis Asbestos Is Hugh Fibrosis But Not All Asbestos Exposure Results In Cancers Of One Form Or Other Just Gives You Lung Disease If Your Luvky Or Fibrosis Miners Lung .... What Can A Say Have To Thank My Parents Gens :)

As Far As Others How Do They Reasonable Expect To Get Away With Thinking People Are That Nieve When It Comes To There Health And The Internet .... We Are Not Living In The 70s And If One Pic Is Same As Other .... How On Earth Can That Be

A Think It Comes Down To Being Scammed In Stages Of Diseases In My Personal Opian And On My Own Experience

The ( Smoking ) Gun :o

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