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Research Occupational Lung Diseases Or A Industrial Injury Emphaysema And Bronchiectasis Melanoma Cancer Pleural Plaques Alveolar Alveoli

Research Occupational Lung Diseases Or A Industrial Injury Emphaysema And Bronchiectasis  Melanoma Cancer Pleural Plaques Alveolar Alveoli

Just 42 And Having Not Started Smoking Till I Was In My Mid 20's I Worked At A High School In Manchester As A Caretaker / Building Manager From 1998 - 2003

I Had Try ed Submitting A Claim With IIDB Re My Now Chronic Lung Disease Industrial Injury To No Avail .... Since When Is Emphaysema And Bronchiectasis And Severe Lung Damage From When I Was Younger Not A Industrial Disease Or Chronic Lung Disease

Now I Have Worked For The Said Authority Since 1991 - 2003 When I Resigned Due To BSF And Contractual Issues

Its Not Like I Wasn't A Member Of A Popular Union At The Time I Was Exposed To Asbestos And Cement Dust Ect Ect On A Daily Basis In My Capacity As Live In Caretaker / Building Manager At The Said High School

Where I Might Ad I Attribute My Now Chronic Lung Disease Industrial Injury To The Said School And Even When I Resigned There Was No Escape As I Was Still Being Exposed To Various BSF Demolition And Builders Dust Wile Waiting To Be Rehoused Off Site

......................... There Is More To This Story But In Interest Of Privacy ......................

But I Still Feel Having Been Exposed To Asbestos, Cement, Demolition, Builders Dust In A School That Had A Shelf Life Of Only 30 Years But Was Only Demolished After 50 Has Given Me This Chronic Lung Disease

(1) Example 1 1/2 in Steel Gas Pipe Will Rot Right Threw With Just A Pie Size Bit Of Cement Stuck On It After 30 years Now I Know My Lungs Are Not Made Of Steel

(2) Example Asbestos Diseases Manifest Them Self In Diffident Ways Some Symptoms Take Many Years Even Decades To Appear Exposure A Long Time Ago Might Only Be Showing Up As A Disease Some Of These Conditions Are Malignant (Cancerous) Some Are Not Melanoma Is A Type Of Cancer That Destroys Pleura But Emphasemea Destroys The Pleura Pretty Just Like Asbestos Except Its Not Covenant To Say That Despite Asbestos Fibers Damaging The Pleura In Exact Fashion

(3) Then We Have Bronchiectasis Abnormal Bronchi And Becomes Filled With Excess Amount Of Mucus If Not Checked Will Destroy Your Alveoli Or Grapes Just Like Asbestos The Fibres Usually Resist And Destroy These Blood Cells Like Bronchiectasis promoting Further Inflammation Further Mucus And Irreversible Scarring fibrosis And Destruction Of The Alveolar The Grapes

It Looks To Me Like I Am Victim Of The Ongoing Cuts With IIDB And Having Under Gone My Fist Medical Review And Ct Scan Of My Chronic Condition That Made Me Sick

My Lung Specialist At A Hospital Who As Just Diagnose Me With This Serious Condition Did Say My Lungs Where Full Of Hole's And I Had Suffered A Major Lung Injury Trauma From When I Was Younger And I Also Have Emphysema And Bronchitisas

Am No Lung Specialist And Its Very Hard Finding One Who Will Confirm But I Think I Know What The Early Signs Asbestos Related Diseases Are

That's Why I Feel My Injury Is A Direct Result Of My Work And Living Conditions As A Caretaker / Building Manager At The High School I Worked At But As With Everything Time Will Tell ..... A Just Hope I Am Wrong And Specialist Are Right

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be interested to know how you get on as ultimately it could affect a legal claim. Good luck

Cheers :)

I have plearal plaques and also emphysema and bronchitis yet im told they are unrelated

Hi sorry to here that ... How you think you aquare that

All the best and cheers

Possibly from our farm as a child. Never worked with asbestos. If its true it would have been over 40 years before diagnosis

Hi all my problems start quite sudden ... Did you have asthma and as your ilness been a drawn out afair over many years

All the best :)

As a child I was very prone to wheezy chests that were put down to being allergic to the chicken feathers. Docs laugh wen I suggested my problems could have started back then.

Hi, sounds like it was and yes thimk you are right about chicken fethers .... Hope your not using them in uour beding now

All the best :)

Im the same as you daz,well,very similar.I'm 43 worked in dusty and fume filled enviroments all my working life.A couple of years ago I found out that one of the materials I had been using on a daily basis for some 10 years was white asbestos.This stuff came in a clear bag to our Laboratory with no labels on it at all,no warning stickers,absolutely nothing.The company we got it from did not even list it as being a hazardous material.This product was removed from the dental industry in 1996 and no reasons were ever give to us the workers as to why it had been removed,we just had to make do with a new substance which they provided.

I've continually been badgering my consultant since 2008 when I was diagnosed with Emphysema to take the fumes and hazardous enviroments I worked in seriously.I did smoke but only 4-5 aday and not the average of 20 a day for 20 years.

There has to be evidence for the type of claim your trying to get.Emphysema and Broncectasis do not affect the Pluera at all.Broncectasis affects your airways by making the tubes sag and this is when the sputum settles in the sagged areas and you constantly get infections,with infections comes scar tissue and so on it continues till your lungs are totally goosed.

Emphysema causes the holes you see on your scan,it's the area where the Alveoli have died off to leave a hole.

For a consultant to consider Mesothilioma there has to be evidence and not just one type,there has to be several signs.You have non of those signs so I'm not surprised that you got turned down for industrial injuries.The only people who can claim this for a lung disease are Miners,it's the only recognised industry for Emphysema and Bronc within the work force.Lets face it the Govenment would be screwed financially if they let all work places with dust and fumes claim industrial industry benefit.Why do you think they intruduced PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)into the workplace,making it the workers responsiblity to take care of their own health by wearing dust masks ect.

Some laboratories I worked in supplied the protective equipment but some did not,me being a big hard man,thought I'd never get ill so when an employer did not supply PPE I was damned if I was gonna fork out for it and here I am today with Asthma,Emphysema and Acute Tethering of my lungs.I wish I done things so differently for my kids sake but I was young and stupid at the time,I didn't look to the future back then and in a nutshell I was bloody stupid and have only myself to blame.

I thanks for answer .... asbestos diseases do share same medical condition and term as miners .... Am not near my comp to pull it up and i can't see why only miners would be intitaled

Keep us up to date with how you get on

Will do like thay say once biten makes you twice as sharp ... I have no intesion of letting them disrimanate against me

A What Wheres Me Video Gone ... Was Going To Use My Post And Video :P

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