Are YOU ancient? .......................To all HealthUnlockders

Are you ancienr?

Count all the ones you remember,NOT the ones you were told about!

Ratings at bottom.

1 Sweet cigarettes.

2 Coffee shop with juke boxes.

3 Home milk delivery in glass bottles.

4 Party lines on the telephone.

5 Newsreels before the movie.

6 TV patterns that came on at night after the last show and were there until TV shows started

again in the morning..(There were only 2 channels{if you were fortunate}).

7 Peashooters.

8 33rpm records.

9 45 rpm records.

10 Hi fi's.

11 Metal ice trays with levers.

12 Blue flash bulb.

13 Cork popguns.

14 Wash tub wringers.

Richard Cornish


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If you remembered 0-3 = You're still young

If you remembered 3-6 = You are getting older

If you remembered 7-10 = Don't tell your age

If you remembered 11- 14 You're positively ancient!

I must be 'positively ancient' but those memories are some of the best parts of my life.

Don't forget to share this!!

Especially to all your really OLD friends......I just have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

76 Replies

  • 11 - ouch ! :)

  • Hee Hee Hee touched a spot Gordon!

  • Where was 'Spanish Gold' in that list then ? You didn't go back to 78rpm records either.

    The first radio station I had any involvement in only broadcast 20 hours a day, during the night they just played a tone, with an announcement every now and again - and that was only in the 1970s !

  • 78's? I still have a collection of them.45's I have every record that was in the top twenty between 1958-1961.Loads more that came out of the juke box over the years.

  • Remembered the lot --!! I saw a greetings card the other day depicting all the stamps from

    Queen Elizabeth's reign. Interesting as is all the bank notes going back to the year dot. Always thought, although I wouldn't back to £sd, that looking at the coins and the date on them was interesting.

    And what about Acme wringers, and silver teapots with silver cladding.

    I am using my new avatar whatever. Red flower from Dubai. My grandson sorted it out.

  • Technology.what would we do without it?

  • i can remember my mum and dad waking my brother and myself to watch ( not sure but i think it was sputnic .I was born in 1951 so it was between then and 1960,can anyone enlighten me?

  • Oh dear 13 . :-( and farthings .

  • Silver threepenny bit

  • 13 here as well.....bread delivery men......rag and bone man.

  • Milk man with horse and cart scooping out the milk into your jug from a big churn.

  • and having an xray machines in some shoe shops so you could see if your new shoes fitted you properly

  • and the coal man with his horse and cart

  • Hi kotc, only one I don't remember is No.11 - but let's have it right, coffee bars, not shops!! Ha ha, it made you feel so grown up to say you were going to a coffee bar, when I was about 13 there was one in Manchester City Centre called the Cona Coffee Bar, it was all dark and grown up inside . .heard my first Tamla Motown on that juke box, started my lifelong love affair with blues and soul. We made a coffee last hours and never got thrown out!

    Spud guns! Didn't have one, but my brother did - ouch!

    The antenna on top of the tv that you constantly had to fiddle with

    Izal toilet paper - again, ouch!

    Hoola hoops (non edible variety)

  • Izal or the torn up newspaper on string

  • Hey Libby, looks like we have the same taste in music. I used to hitch hike from Mansfield to Manchester to an allnighter in the late sixties. It was called the Wheel, I have great memories. We used to go in at midnight and dance none stop till 7.30 am, They didn't have a licence to sell alcohol but we didn't want it anyway. Oh those were the days. Guess I am paying for it now. :)

  • PS I remember it all from 1 to 14.

  • The metal ice cube trays are still available in America it seems

    Yes, I did have to go look and see what they were, and no, I don't remember them even now I've seen what they are.

  • 12! Don't remember 3 or 12.

    Lynne xx

  • Did you not have your photo taken by someone using a blue fash bulb?

  • The pools advert on Radio Luxembourg - K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M !!

  • Radio Luxemburg --At the end of the day just kneel and pray thank you Lord for a lovaely day.I've tried to be good for I no that I should. That's my prayer for the end of the day.I used to frequent a coffee bar in Torquay that only played Radio Luxembourg and when that came on we knew the coffee bar was closing.

  • Very nice.

  • My god this has had me crying like a baby

  • Here's the advert !

    Click :-


    Horace Batchelor - his infra-draw method of winning the pools !

  • I still get my milk in glass bottles delivered by a milkman early in the morning - bliss always having milk

    Unfortunately I remember all the rest as well :)

  • We don't have a milkman in our area.

  • Bread on a toasting fork in front of the open fire,only heating in the house, Dads army coat on the bed

  • Now you are talking,oh the smell of the toast and the melting of the dripping.Meet the Huggets on the radio.

  • Lawd help us 14 and dick Barton special agent - it's five to ten - listen with mother.

    On the other hand it's not that long ago I was laughed at for naming Eric Clapton as the guy I was listening to on the earphones.


  • Top score .Well done

  • What did you play your records on,did you have the old wind up and put a new needle in every time you changed the record

  • Still got it

  • Half pennies, 10 bob note and the old tape recorders with reels, the old bush radio (we still have it but it no longer works), Imperial currency, the old brownie cameras. Loved radio Luxemburg and Caroline (my sister and I used to listen to them under the bedclothes until my mum caught us!). Ahhh those were the days......

    Bev x.

  • What a life you led!

  • Sarky! :)

  • im sure i have in the loft my brownie 127

  • OH bother , I read this just when I was having a good day, remembered all but the coffee shop one. What about fishing tackle creels made out of wickerwork, and floats made from porcupine quill, centrepin reels and real lead shot.Happy days, makes me glad I was born then and not in these so called modern times. 8-)

  • I used string and a bent pin

  • Oh dear I am postively ancient!!!LOL

    Love Wendells xxx

  • You are only as old as you feel Wendells

  • Journey into outer space on the radio, I was terrified and my dad used to scare me as I was going up the stairs to bed.


  • Frightening but good

  • OMG jubbly - my personal favourite, lasted ages & you got loads of change from 6d.,

    jambouree bags? gob stoppers? Saturday morning matinees at the cinema? Sunday school? Cripes and now there's loads of modern stuff I can hardly get my head around.

    Mind you, there's plenty worth moving on from - smog, ice on the INSIDE of the windows, your hot water bottle being a block of ice by morning, people dying needlessly, back street abortions (Call the Midwife programe reminded me last night).

    Nostalgia is wonderful for the good stuff but I'm glad the bad stuff is where it should be. In the past.

    Hope the sun is shining for you all today as it is here in London :)

  • I used to be a Saturday morning monitor which allowed me to go and see a film in the week for free

  • A young and lovely 9

  • I would not have expected anything else

  • Gordon thank you for dick Barton. That stopped Ann, my wife, and I in our tracks.

    Though we had not met way back then we both remember it so clearly and felt the years roll away. We should call you Merlin, yo never fail to come up with informative, interesting and diverting stuff - thank you.


  • There are several episodes of Dick Barton available to listen to here :-

    Either use their player or download/play the MP3 files :)

    I have spent many years in the 'net so usually have an idea where to look for things - wish it was that easy finding my specs at times !

  • Bill & Ben on Wednesdays and my favourites, Rag, Tag and Bobtail.

    Those 78" records were made of shellac and if you dropped them on a hard surface they'd shattter into lots of pieces. And the gramophones you played them on needed winding up to keep playing.

  • Oh yes, Proper Bill & Ben, not the later cartoon type.

    and Andy Pandy ?

    the Woodentops ?

    oh, go on then, Rag Tag & Bobtail as well

    And the other weekday was when we watched - Picture Book

  • after reading all your recalls , scoring 11 and remembering the 10" blackand white Tv I've decided I must be one of the ancient lot too. I can remember no bathrooms and a tin bath on the wall which you took down infront of the fire and filled with buckets from the gas stove and my freinds had to go out across a communal yard to a wash house for toilet ect.

  • Fanfare please - I remember muffin the mule


  • From before it became a sexual offence...or burger filling !

    part two

  • Please note - from about 1 minute to the end of part 2 - that's Muffin's TAIL! :O

  • I need clean drawers - again. Laughter, happiness joy the best medicines in the world and am I getting a good portion today WOO bloody - HOO


  • Laughter is the best tonic I know.


  • Just to add a little note about Radio Luxembourg - The station closed in 1992 but has been 'remembered' in the broadcasts of Replay Radio, a British based Internet Radio station that I had the pleasure of providing some programming to last year.

    Sadly, due to ill health and some other issues, the station was closed in November 2012. A rebel group in Spain have tried to claim the name and operate a service called 'Replay', but this is not official by any means and isn't a patch on the real Replay Radio.

    I've just had news that the official and original Replay Radio will be re-launched in April this year. The station will broadcast on the Internet and will concentrate on the 'Luxy years' 1952-1992. I don't have too many details to add to that, but I hope to be part of the team reliving the Luxy era when Replay Radio returns.

    I'll post more news when I have it. My shows will be a mix of live and pre-recorded. The show I did last time was 'Gordons Goldies' and featured mainly obscure tracks, songs that were played on the radio in their day, but were not massive hits. My aim was not to play the 'same old' stuff all the other oldies station play, but to be different and entertaining. :)

    All being well, the Goldies show will return and I may be doing some others, I'm not sure just what yet but we've spoken about Motown, Soul and Northern Soul. If I can get my home system sorted out, I may even be doing some live shows on a more general basis. I've just rebuilt a computer base to act as a server, and extended my home network to allow for that to be added.

    All fun... :D

  • All of them I remember all of them. I remember going to the post office with my mum and sweets were on ration now that's ancient x

  • Sweets,what were sweets?

  • Sweets yorkshire mixtures and poor bens and sherbet dip and all manner of lovely things which I know we can still get now but they don't have the same magic as they did then my mother used to buy me a choc biscuit and I spent ages taking the chocolate off eating the biscuit and then the chocolate later on . I know it may sound odd but we did not have a lot of money my father was wounded in the war. And we lived on a pension which wAs not a lot of money, so my mum had to make do with very little I got my biscuit once a week. But I would not change a thing . And it taught me to appreciate every thing I have be lucky enough to have through my life these blogs have brought back some lovely memories of my childhood.

  • Sweet sweet the memories.................

  • Remember all these and what about Paul Temple and Mrs Dale s Diary on radio and going way back the coalman and his horse and cart and my grandad with a shovel and bucket collecting residue for the garden. The start of re-cycling I wonder.

  • Souds like my dad.

  • So little in the way of material possessions but much in other ways. I do wonder whether today's children will recall their childhood in quite the same way -------- hmmmmmm nostalgia not what it used to be.?

  • It will all be recorded on their 'Floppy' discs or whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any one else remember getting the free cod liver oil and concentrated orange drink, given in the 40s and 50s to children, and I believe to pregnant women?

    I'm glad you can now get cod liver oil in capsules. Having to swallow a spoon full of that daily as a kid wasn't really fun :)

  • Oh a spoonfull of medicine makes the !!!!!!!!

  • TV - Mr Ed, Garrisons Geurillas, the fugitive, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, Rawhide, Adam Adament, Robin Hood, Last of the Mohicans, The Original Startrek. Memories.......

    Bev x

  • Memories are made of these

  • I remembered 6, I was thinking I was ancient but obviously not!!

    Jan xx

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