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Here comes the sun!

Oh what a joy it was yesterday to get out in the fresh air and be able to sit at an outdoor cafe in the warm sunshine. I was surprised how warm the February sun is, now that the cold wind has dropped. I felt happy for the first time since Christmas.

I believe most of the country is going to have sunshine and light winds today and maybe for the next few days, yippeeee! Hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy it, there's nothing like warm (not hot!) sunshine to raise the spirits and help our breathing.

love, ff xxx

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Oh I am so glad you have a little sunshine to lift your spirits,I love sitting at an outdoor cafe& people watching!! As well as admiring the scenery of course!

Love Wendells xxx

Its different for us wendells, you sit there with your light colourfull clothes on and your dark glasses with a cold drink on ice while we sit wrapped up in our dark drab woolly's with a hot soup and listen to the sound of our chattering teeth. But the sun has been very uplifting after the snow, wind and rain. The birds were loving it too as there was a lot more activety and singing going on in the garden. Tigger and Tiger our two tabby cats have been in and out all day and not curled up sleeping so hopefully this is just a taster of the beginning of Spring and dare I say it Summer. Mind you at least we don't get the extreme weather you had to survive recently (the cyclone and 40deg heat wave). You put some more ice in your drink and I'll get the hot soup on, Have a nice day. :) xx

Well yes I did have a wool duffle coat on but no gloves or hat, that's a start! And the buds & even some of the blossom is out on the forsythia bushes. I am on the south coast Tony, & love the fresh sea breezes, but I know how beautiful the Malvern Hills are, you're very lucky to live in such a picturesque place

ff x

Sea Breezes are good for the lungs but normally involve a steep walk back to the car. I guess thats good exercise as well thrown in. I love the south coast, mainly Devon and Cornwall where we have had quite a few family Holidays over the years. You are also very lucky to be where you are. Tony x lets count our blessings eh'

There,s nothing better than a little sunshine medicine. I'm looking out of my front window at the moment at the Malvern Hills and instead of the usuall grey background theres a beautiful rich Blue Sky. People are already up there walking thier dogs, mounting bikeing, or just getting thier Lungs clear with some crisp fresh air. God I envey them, I can get up there but it take's a massive effort, I normally drive half way up and walk the rest on max oxygen at a very very slow pace. There's an incredable amount of huffing and puffing and people tend to look at me in a worried way as though they think they should call the air ambulance or something. Still it won't put me off doing again in the near future so enjoy the sunshine while its here fairyfootsteps, Iv'e put my order in for us all, for loads of sunshine this year, so we'll be alright. Tony x

I to haved been enjoying the sun,,walked on weymouth beach yesterday,,the dog loves it,,and am of down there again later,,strange how a bit of sunshine lifts your spirits

I've been feeling a bit down and somehow kept thinking I was more breathless than usual, but since yesterdays blue skies and sunshine I feel better, more positive. Good weekend ahead. Try and get a bit of real Vit D.

Lib x

Yes its great to see the sun again might bring out some of the spring buds, its nudged the crocus on in my garden giving a nice splash of colour

I've got little dwarf irises in flower! I spent the week getting warmer by the day - and what joy in the sun today. Yes it does improve the mood, doesn't it?

Yes it's getting better. Remember all of you though, as it gets warmer for us, it gets cooler for Wendells. :(

Lynne xx

I'm sure wendells is laughing all the way to the beech where she's probably quite happy checking out the young fit surfers or people watching as she likes to call it. :)

Yes,off too the beach,in a couple of hours!! So glad you are getting some sunshine too.Your summer will be well on the way soon,and yes we will hit Autumn in march.Luckily where we are, the temp. in winter only goes down to about 18 degrees.But after a hot summer, that still feels very cold,& I have to put a cardigan on!

Do enjoy the spring,thats one lovely memory I have of the uk,with the beautiful bulb plants pushing through.

Enjoy your day,my friends,and easy breathing to you all!

Hugs, Wendells,xxxx

still enjoying the sun today in England everyone, but chilly too. Need the sun to lift our spirits

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