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How do you sleep

Hello everyone i have always been sceptical about my copd . Last year i could barely walk over the road due to breathlessness. I cant say how bad i was just bad. My gp prescribed me amoxcillan. To clear a chest infection and by the time i finished the cause of pills my breathing inproved my cough all but dissapeared and was sleeping like a two months later not much of a cough just first thing to bring up the mucos and my sleeping has returned to my normal couple of hours a night(been an insomniac for yrs). And was gobsmacked how i was sleepin for a while anyway.because of taking the pills. Been on amoxcillan loads of times but never had that effect. Has anyone else had this themselves. Thankyou mark h

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Your body knows when something's wrong and sleep can be the finest thing for it. I know when I start to feel unwell, if I take to my bed for a couple of days I can sleep right through, but as soon as I start to feel better then the restless nights begin.

I must be lucky though as, even if my night is restless, I still feel as though I've had a good night's sleep despite waking a couple of times.

If I take a couple of soluble co-codamol (for the current pain being caused by a frozen right shoulder) then I'm knocked out for the full eight hours ! I don't take them very often though as I've heard you can become addicted to them :)

I hope you manage to find a solution Mark :)


Yes i suppose my body was reacting to the illness it just confused me cause i had not slept like that in 35yrs even sleeping pills dont knock me out i never get to sleep before 4 in the morning but always go to bed at 11 i get very little pain at the moment. Just have to breath a bit harder at night.i was just amazed how amoxcillan knocked me out the way it did. As you say it was my body reacting to my illness. Thanks for the reply always nice to know. Mark h


Hi, I have phases where I fall alseep immediately and sleep all night, and sometimes part of the day! Other times, I drop off only to wake up half an hour later immediately wide awake, I hate this as I know I am going to be I'm awake all night. Both these seem to come in phases and have no clue as to why. Each phases lasts, sometimes a week or even a few weeks. And even though we know have laptops and tv all night long, it's still the loneliest time of the day, I hate it. Have no solution for you though, sorry! (although a bowl of cereal or some warm milk and reading a book sometimes helps) Libby


Yes the nightime is very lonely missed a few appoi ntments because of being awake all night then suddenly crash out just as soon as i have to get up. But well used to it these days.long gave up discussing it with my gp. Just gives me a funny look and says you look alright to me.but hey ho life gos on.


having worked nights and had to fit a family and a life in during the day for decades , sleep is that thing i do for a couple of hours at 5 am for a couple of hours just so my oh nags less about it ;) . occasionally the drugs can double that (co codomol at the moment, now the strong ones were actually giving me headaches!) im happy to be an insomniac though, means in a shorter than most lifespan i would have been concious for over a decade longer than most people my age , yaay, claw that time back.


Never thought of it that way i used to work nights and shift work most of my life which as you say a little bit more life than most. Anyway got to slleep at 6am today and up and out with my dogs by 08.30 makes a long night and day. But strangely never feel tired.mark h


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