there is always someone out there that is worse than we are

I thought id take sometime to write alittle blog about my brave friend Trish. Trish hasnt got copd but she has suffered with bone cancer for the last 4years. This brave lady has a smile for everyone and is so full of love and kindness, it puts my own illness very much into prespective. Yesturday i visited her with my disabled son and Trish being the go getter she is decided she wanted to go to our church as she hasnt been able to make it for a long time. We set off and it was a good half hr journey she never complained and during the service had to take morphine for the pain she was in, still no complaing just smiling and full of gratitude for me picking her up and taking her!

sadley trish is now at the end of her life and i will miss this special lady when that time comes, but how she will leave so much inspiration to myself in the way she has dealt with this terrible illness with so much love and grace xx

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You are so right to say that there is always someone worse off. It may not be an illness it could be emotional or even financial.

Your friend Trish obviously has something beyond bravery she has love - a love of life even though hers is not the life she would have chosen she is an example of never doubting yourself. You are very lucky to have her as a friend and I would like to bet she says the same about you.

My prayers are with you both



thank u janet she is a very special lady, but it also taught me something else in that i was able to be useful to someone else for the first time in a long time, and at least i have the occassional gd day sometimes people are brought into our lives to teach us and she is one of those lovely people xx

Bless her heart she sounds a fantastic lady.

Your right I was really depressed when I was diagnosed, then I had Pnuemonia. And then three weeks ago my friend I have worked with for eleven years was told she had Pancreatic Cancer, she died on friday.

I can't begin to imagine how her family are feeling, as I am devasted and counting my blessing.


I am so sorry to hear about your friend, its very hard to loose someone that is a big part of our lives, last year i lost 2 friends that i knew through church and we use to speak on the phone, and oh how i miss that now that they have both passed over and facing loosing another but does make me count my blessings that i occassionaly have a good day and can use that to help others xx

Thank u for your kind words xx

I totally agree, and when I am moaning and groaning about this and that I always think of my sister who died in her 40's. We have lived to see our children married and have their own families, and we see our grandchildren every week. She did not live to see her daughter and son get married and have children. Please tell your friend Trish that we are thinking about her. Best wishes to you too.

i will and thank u for your kind words they are much appreciated xx

What a lovely blog junegirl, I have always been a glass half full kinda girl and believe a positive outlook really does help. We lost my dad to ipf a month ago and everyone remarks on how well my mum is doing. I simply say, as a christian she has her faith to keep her strong and maybe that is how your friend manages to cope. If she is a christian then she will not fear death, she will know that she has something wonderful to look forward to.

Take care xx

Thank u tanyamarie, she is a christian and very much believes as i do that life goes on and yes im the glass half full type better to be positive than negative it lifts us and hopefully those around us xx

A lovely blog June. Your friend is so lucky to have you,and you to have her.

It sounds as if you are both caring about each other,whilst you will be sad of the loss of her eventually,you will be so glad she was in your life for sometime. Trish has obivously been supportive of you, and your disabled son,it will be a loss to him too.

Keep strong.Love Wendells xxxx

Thank you Wendalls for your lovely message xxxx

How lovely it is to be as close friends as you both are, just are a tower of strength for each other, the loss of Trish will be very sad but you know deep down there will be no more suffering and she will be watching over the good friend she left behind knowing that you have an inner strengh to carry on. Take care xx


Hi Teigy thank you for that lovely message it was beautiful once again thank u xx

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