Do I, Don't I, my Dr is saying differently to what the official guidelines are

I have just got back from my GP appointment to discuss my spirometry from last week where the practice nurse told me I did not have COPD

But I am more confused than ever. I am told me FEV1 is 74% and all the text books say that is moderate COPD

But my GP is saying while 74% is indicative of COPD, I still may not have it.

She has suggested keeping an eye on me, repeating the spirometry in a year but to go back if things get any worse than they are now.

I would appreciate all comments and thoughts on this



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  • Ask your Gp to be refered to a consultant if not so already.He/she will put you through all tests needed to diagnose Copd or not.A year is a long time to wait not knowing and stressful too. Take care ...Dorothy.

  • Now I am getting a bit confused and wondering if I have missed something she said as I was not expecting to be told this today after being told I did not have COPD a week ago, is there any other part of the spirometry that could have been 74% and not just the FEV1?

  • I was diagnosed two years ago via chest Xray then a CT Scan, after this my doc sent me for a SPIRO test last July it came back FEV1 of 79%, CT identified boullis Emphysema in upper right lung with some in upper left lung. Doc has said stage 1 Emphysema with very mild.


  • If you have a copy of the SPIRO test call the BLF line and someone will go through the report with you.


  • Unfortunately, I don't but I have just got off the phone from the practice and reception clarified it for me

    the result is as follows

    FEV1/FVC is 78%

    sorry, I seem to have got my original post wrong

  • And I am now awaiting a call back from BLF so thank you 1968, a good suggestion that had not occurred to me

    Google can be helpful but specialist nurses are much more worthwhile

  • With an 80% is normal figure in the Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine it is borderline or mild COPD that is shown with an FEV1 in that range further testing is not required without further symptoms. At the mild stage it wil be almost unnoticeable when set against a peer group, it will require only the correct lifestyle choices of no smoking regular exercise and balanced diet for the same outcome as the peer group, in terms of life expectancy, quality of life and physical ability.

  • Thank you rocket

    I phoned my GP and I have got more accurate information (that will teach me for not listening more carefully)

    It is my FEV1/FVC ratio that is 78%

    Does that change your answer? (sorry)

  • I was told at my last nurse checked just before Christmas that I no longer had COPD as my fev1 was 73. She gave the cut off point at 70 and under for COPD. When I was first diagnosed 3 years ago I was 62 but was given symbicort and spiriva. Nurse then said what I had before was probably poorly treated asthma!

    I'm confused too.

    Bev x

  • Bev, if you really want to be even more confused, look at my question about fev1/fvc being too low or not, puff and I spent hours trying to work out what was what and the end result was 1 numb brain and 1 painful brain ;)

    We came to the conclusion that how we were feeling was the most relevant thing



  • I get confused about these fevi rates mine was 65 and told i have mild copd

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