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Blue Badge renewal-- Tips wanted.

I have to go for an "interview" next week re renewal of my Blue Badge.As I have had it

for 6yrs will really miss it if I don`t "pass".I am 82, am breathless with Bronchiectasis

and rely on my husband to drive me anywhere. So any helpful tips welcome. Basinga.

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Bless you, I can understand to a degree how you would feel if you were to lose the independence of being in your own vehicle but there comes a time in life when there are things we have to accept that we can't do anymore. For instance because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease I can no longer dance or cycle and I used to love dancing every weekend. I can no longer walk much without being in pain as well and have to use a mobility scooter. Giving up dancing broke my heart and I now feel my quality of life has really suffered and I am sure you would feel a great loss as well regarding losing the independence you have had. I hope what ever the outcome is for you, that you are able to cope and keep as well as possible. God bless you and your husband.

Hi, I can understand your worries. Make sure you take any letters/documents with you relating to your condition. I do hope that taking your health problems and age into account they will renew your blue badge and you can continue to get out and about. Good luck, let us know how you get on! Libby x

Agree with libby Basinga. Good luck - got everything crossed for you.

Love C xxx

All you can do is to state the facts and let them assess you. There are no 'get out of jail free' cards in the games they play.

Beware, the first test will start when they call you from reception. You will be required to walk to the office of the person conducting the interview and they will time this, to give them measurement of how quickly you can cover the distance that they've already measured out. They will note the use of any devices like a zimmer or stick or if you support yourself against a wall or door frame for example.

I was uncertain about my own assessment as it was my first, after having to complain to the Mayor's office how long it was taking. I was advised my someone not to try 'putting it on' to try and fool them as they are trained occupational therapists at our council and they will quickly spot the change of a limp from one leg to the other :-)

You already have a blue badge so the reasons it was issued in the first place should provide the majority of the 'evidence' they require. But, it could be that you get an awkward one, as I did, who said he had not read the file before seeing me so I had to explain everything from scratch. He made notes and said he would match it up afterwards. Obviously, I told it like it is and had no need to change my circumstances from what I had put in the application.

Again, it's trying to catch people out, but anyone genuine shouldn't worry. :-)

Hullo, Basinga, I am a little puzzled - are you still driving? Or does your husband. Also, I have had my blue badge renewed last summer. I didn't have to go for an interview. That must be something new.

I remember I had to shut myself away and really concentrate on what I was doing. They wanted a copy of all sorts of things. I know that there has been blue badge fraudsters, meaning tightening up with the applications. It was a relief when the new one arrived. My husband loves it for parking because I dont drive.

I have bronchiectasis and am getting increasingly breathless and move slowly. I sigh for the past but then I think we all do. I do have a buggy and get fun out of that.

I do wish you well with your interview. I am sure you will be successful. Let us know -- love Annie80 xx

I recently had to renew my Blue Badge too but because I am on the highest mobility amount (the only benefit I have) I did not have to do anything other than send my ref. number and they issued my new badge. My local authority are pretty good I must admit and I renewed on line.

Good Luck and take note of what Gordon says take your time or better still ask them to meet you by the car :)

If you have highest rate mobility component of DLA then you automatically qualify for the blue badge and do not need to be assessed.

I didn't know that Gordon so thanks. I have no idea how I got the highest rate as I do not qualify for careers but I am not going to argue about it - would you?

Thanks for all your messages and good wishes. To reply to 2 comments-No I can`t drive, rely

on my Husband and I don`t get any payments such as DLA to get Badge automatically.

Actually, I won`t need to "put it on" as I am so breathless anyway! So here`s hoping!

Thanks again, Basinga.

i wonder if i will have to have a interview next time when my currant blue badge is up, i wish you a happy result and do let us know how you get on

love jan

Hi all, I chair our local Breathe Easy group, and a few months ago I invited the officer who issues these badges to speak to our group. He was very clear and precise, and as someone else has previously stated, those on the high rate of DLA Mobility automatically qualify for the badge, For those without, he suggested that your application form should give details of every health problem you may have ie, COPD and arthritis. Please also bear this in mind, if asked the distance you can walk, your answer must be that you can't without becoming exceedingly breathless or in much pain. Also, most lung conditions are classed as "Chronic" meaning long term, unlike a temporary injury which improves with time, These are the very applicants that are being targeted. Finally, if you find it difficult to get out, the officers will make a home visit, Hope this helps, don't be scared, they are not targeting people who are in genuine need, and if your lungs don't function to full capacity, then consider yourself in need and don't feel intimidated

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Hi, Thanks for last 2 messages.

( Thatcham 1939 - You will know if you have to go for an interview when you

get that dreaded brown envelope ! )

Effet- Interested that you Chair a BE group. I am on the committee of ours.

We are always wanting speakers, will suggest a Blue Badge Officer to our

Chairman. Thank you for your advice re my appointment. Basinga.

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