Its a PJ and Duvet Day

It is so lovely to have a PJ and Duvet day when it is by choice, but when it is enforced not so great. Tried to walk Lottie over the weekend because after nebbing i seemed reasonable, wrong both my short attempts in town and to the park were failures and had to be cut short.

Poor ole Lotbots is getting cabin fever, hubby is taking her out at night, but she is missing her social life, where she gets to visit Auntie JoeJoe who owns her favourite pet shop, and my lovely dermatology nurses who also stuff her silly.

Today we are both snuggled up together under my patchwork duvet with loads of cushions to help me keep upright to help the ole wind bags. Getting truly bored of being in PJs now. Have my study books by my side, but not sure I can be bothered since my latest subject is about patient power. And since I am so comfy cosy I probably fall asleep reading it.

Snow has all gone now, hoorah, and currently the heavens are not chucking the wet stuff down either. Roll on spring time when the earth starts waking up from the long winter, though I have seen signs already so hopefully it won't be too far away.

Huggles to you all Daxiemad and the Snuggly Lotbots

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  • huggles back to you both! hope you are feeling better soon. x

  • Hope you feel better soon.


  • Your Lottie sounds a great little mate! Interested in your message until it came to the duvet bit. I had a fight changing mine. Not very tall and like it perfect otherwise I wont sleep (so fussy) But what a battle with the duvet. Ended up coughing my head off. Husband said he would have done it, so, next time I will ask.

  • Just done mine Annie80 with my husband's assistance, but am thinking about opening up another side and putting poppers or buttons down it, I think it would make it easier.

    Daxiemad, have you got a rollator, since I have had mine I can walk a lot further without getting too sob I can walk my little shih tzu with it too!

    Carole x

  • Oh meant to say have mine on loan from OT.

    Carole x

  • Feel better soon Daxiemad and love to you and Lottie. You will soon be out and about together again. Thinking of you both. xxx

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