This Exercise thing ain't all it's cracked up to be

So intent was I to prove I didnt have COPD by doing as much exercise as I could

So dumb was I to carry on despite the pain I was feeling below both ankles but more on the left, now, I can barely walk

So dumb was I to not only ignore the pain but get back on my treadmill again today and do 2 miles despite I could barely walk this morning when I got up

So dumb I am I because I already knew I was having problems with the peroneal tendons (just below the ankle bone)

I have, by my own stupidity managed to pretty much cripple myself and am going to have to go and see a physio to find out if I have just a nasty case of tendonitis or if I have done myself a serious tendon injury.

How dumb am I

Take your pick



Dumber than dumber


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  • We dont give in but the trouble we dont know when to slow down because we are doing our best to save our health. So dont consider yourself dumb - just unlucky. Love Annie80 x

  • 3rd one ! :)

  • Doh Annie. You've just done it again ! :)

  • done what, Puff. Tell me!!

  • I sometimes wonder if my brain, head and the rest of my body are actually connected. It is so easy to think 'I will show them', I haven't got copd I am just unfit. Then one day we realise that we can no longer what we could do years ago. What we have to concentrate on, I feel, is what we can do and how can we do it better.Polly63

  • You are SOOOOOOOOO right Polly

    I'm not 47, I am 23 - I wish


  • Slow down a little Katlover, look more long term and try not to get quick results. Learn to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. That treadmill will be a great investment but it won't hurt to have the odd Katnapp eh' xxxxx

  • Moderation in everything. :)

  • Number 3 I guess.It has taken me many years to ease up.

  • Well that's blown it, in trying to get fitter you have actually prevented yourself from doing so, I would say you now should be resting that injury until the pain goes and then when you are recovered, don't repeat the same predicament. Your health in your hands.

  • With exercise you must start slowly. It's taken me 6 months to build up to the amount I can do now. Also, if I feel ANY discomfort in my limbs or back, I stop.

    You will need to give it a few days before starting over with a small amount.

    Lynne xx

  • hi katlover

  • hi katlover

    to soon to do so much, but i could understand your eagerness, but you are not dumb

    love jan xx

  • In my defense (if I have one), yesterday, I did only walk, partly because I could not run but also because I knew I should not


  • you are not dumb katlover!! you havent got to prove that now! so rest those feet :)

  • Please don't be so hard on yourself. As you know, it's so important to exercise with a lung condition; but equally important is knowing our limits and when to stop.

    Hopefully your physio or fitness instructor can help you get back on your feet safely and at the right time.

    Best of luck.

    BLF Active.

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