Hi all Healthunlockders A request from annie 80 fulfilled

Very tricky arithmatic!

NOTEThis must be done in your head only.

Do not use paper and pencil or a calculator.Try It.

.............Take 1000 and add 40 to it,Now add another 1000

....................Now add 30,add another 1000 Now add 20

..............Now add another 1000 Now add 10.What is the





...................................... Did you get 5000?





The correct answer is actually 4100

The Professor

Richard Cornish


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Details BLF

41 Replies

  • Noooo ! It's 5000 ! :)

  • Back of the class again 4100

  • Definitely 5,000 ;(

  • Sorry auntymary stay behind after school

  • No he's right , it is 4100, took me a few goes to get it though, very good! :)

  • It's 4020 if you take away the Annie80 you started with... :D

  • We can't take annie away!

  • yes,definetely 4.100,took me a couple of goes,in my head though lol!!

  • Top of the classWendells

  • I've done it 3 times still getting 5000

  • And your'e not blonde anymore,extra tuition required!

  • No I won't give up yet, I'll hang onto my dumb status.

  • I get 5000, but suspect for some reason if I used a calculator it would be 4100

    Lib x

  • Good thinking

  • I have made the headlines. Celebrations. Yes, the answer is 5000! Now for some more, maybe letters!!! This forum is providing fun as light relief which is good. Love Annie80

  • annie,annie,annie!!it is 4100

  • Oh dear! I bite the dust - she needs to concentrate more (my school report)!!

  • Done it again this morning whilst not as tired. He's right - 4100!

  • Well done.Teachers pet!

  • Are you calling me a cat? Or a dog? ;)

  • Woof Your choice Meow

  • iv done this sum five times and still gets 5000

  • 4100.4100,4100,4100,4100 you may now use your calculator

  • I have done this before Richard, but still got it wrong! I add up 5000 in my head and yet when I do it on the calculator it is 4100! Crazy! Thanks though. xxxxx

  • Well done sassy's calculator

  • ha ha ha mental iv done this on the calculator as kept coming up with same answer and it is 4,100 yet when i try its 5000 i now know im thick but at least im not alone ha ha ha

  • You are never alone with Healthunlockders

  • The numbers 10,20,30,40 add up to 100 ,Not 1,000 therefore equalling 4,100 not 5000.

    Which by now every one has Sussed out!

    Just as I used to get marked down in Maths exams for not reading the questIon!!

  • The truth as you say is in the reading Myma

  • Doh ! :)

  • Simple when you know why

  • Try this. Add up all the numbers except the final 10. I bet you get 4090 (well at least you should unless you're blonde, or female maybe.) Then add 10 to 4090 and voila 4100. Simples.

  • ?+?+?+?+ = What?

  • 1000+40=1040






    then 4090+10=4100.

  • Oh dear.To be done in your head only !!!!!!! Never mind it is 4100

  • 4100 first time, and I was rubbish at maths in school

  • Improved greatly with ?

  • Couldn't do it resorted to calculater, maybe I should dye my white hair back to blonde.

  • I have every confidence in you.Lets start again 2+?=4 Hee Hee

  • I this war......try this one 180 x 2 - 16 + 140 = Ha Ha...

  • You got to laugh !

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