Hi all. sorry but i am going to have a moan now, as you all know from dec 2012 i was worried about my hubby having his op with his breathing, then on christmas eve i broke my foot which on jan 2nd i ended up in hospital with a pulmonary embolism nearly dying, i was in hospital for 9 days what else can go wrong you are all thinking well on sunday evening while we were in bed some scumbag (and thats putting it nice lol) tried to burgle us, now we are scared to go out, leaving lights on when we go to bed, jumping at every little noise we hear if its not our lung problems that kill us it will be a heart attack, i dont know how much more i can take, i am now going to take a baseball bat to bed with me i am that scared.what a lovely way to start 2013 sorry for the moan everybody i just had to do it love Julia xxxxxx

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  • Hi Julia, Your frustration and anger is quite understandable, but I guess it is not very positive. We all need to stay positive - I try, but not alway succeed. Ah! the psychologists would have a field day with me LOL.

  • I do feel for you after everything else that's happened. Would a visit from the Police Crime Prevention people help and give you some re-assurance?

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne the police came but they werent much good to be honest, i just think that my baseball bat my be a little better lol xx

  • Hi Julia so sorry to hear of your troubles, i dont know what you can do other than have alarms installed if you can afford it for your peace of mind, other than that a dog is a goos deterrent! when my last house was broke into in the 15 mins i was at the school getting my daughter i got a german shepherd, never had a break in again! my thoughts are with you hun xx

  • Scum is a very polite word for them, too bloody lazy to work and take other peoples possessions, I had all my family's jewerley taken going back to Great Aunts etc. even a gold locket with a photo of my daughters inside, then we had outside done, tractor mower, drills, chain saws etc. It takes a while to settle down again I feel for you and with all your other problems. Bloody scum bags the lot of them.

    Lib xx

  • How awful for you,I do feel for you,as if you had not been through enough already.I do hope your medical problems are settling down.

    It is terrible feeling violated,besides the dog,or alarms being fitted, dont realy know what else to suggest i'm afraid.

    BUT do keep positive (i know its hard) dont let these B.......! ruin your life,dont let them win.

    I believe in karma,dont worry, bad things will happen to them.

    We are all here to hear you, when you want to let it out--go to town!!

    Big hugs, love Wendells xxx

  • Hi Julia

    So sorry you have all this to cope with all at the same time - one of them is too much.

    Were the police who came out answering your call, if so I think Lynne has a good point in asking for someone from the Crime Prevention Team to come out. Been there in that 2 of my close family have been burgled and I was burgled in my last house (not in at the time) when I lived alone with my little daughter. I now live alone in a house which before I moved in was burgled. I have done all I can and I don't even think about it anymore because as Wendells says you can't let them win. I truly don't think about it now other than leaving lights on, but I don't live in fear.

    Time will help. Best wishes for an improvement in your health too.

    Love C xxx

  • SCUM! Hmm, putting it politely indeed. How awful for you both. I truly hope you get better soon. The police, although obviously no help to you, should have put you in touch with 'victim support.' They can be a bit more helpful with the effects of crime even if the ******S cant be found and made to pay.

    They can also advise on house or more affordable personal alarms. If the police never gave you contact details, phone then and ask.

    Take care. XX

  • Good polint - I forgot for a mo just how good victim support are. X

  • Endorse everything that has been said - lots of good advice which proves the point that there are a lot of caring people in this forum. I hope that all your troubles will improve. Best wishes from Annie80

  • Victim support are excellent in what they do.

  • So sorry julia, you are having a rough time. Keep you chin up, things will improve. Marilyn x

  • A piece of 4 x 4 with nails driven through one end will sort out anybody that burgles you. I agree the police are not fit for purpose and have not been for a long time. They seem more concerned about the criminal than the victim. Don't forget. If anybody get in, hit the offender as hard as you can. After all. You are protecting yourself and others in your home. Meanwhile. Deep breaths and try to calm down a bit. That scum will probably not try again.

  • A friend of mine keeps a pepper pot by her bed but she hasn't used it yet. But how about a personal alarm. It makes a horrific noise and would probably scare of potential thieves as well as waking the neighbours.

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