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Hi All HealthUnlockders I don't normally moan

I am not one of those moaners,you know when a man gets 'man flu' who lets everyone know about it (well maybe sometimes)

This morning my so called best friend Badger said ''Dad it's 10.30am time for us to get up''.I struggle to get up ,even had to put my own socks on!(WellI I mean) Eventually I made it.

''Dad I want to go out'',so I(yes me) have to open the kitchen door and out he dives ''Wow'' says Badger ''where is my garden? what is all this white stuff? (snow for those of you who cannot work it out,no reference to hair colour!) Next thing he is rolling around in the white stuff,thoroughly enjoying himself.He does his business and comes back and asks me to open the door a freezing draft chills me right down Oooooooooooooooh

Badger calls mum and asks her to get the towell for 'a rub a dub rub'.

Feeling a bit warmer and drier he says''Mum can Dad and I have our toast and butter,a bowl of fresh milk for me and a mug of tea plus some marmite on one slice and marmalade on the other for my Dad ,nice and thick.''

Feeling a bit better after that Badger says ''I think we ought to go back to bed.It's too cold to stay up'' So I heeded his advice and back we went under the duvet

Come 4 pm Badger says to me''I have just heard the roast pork come out of the oven so perhaps we should get out of bed''. Being still dressed it wasn't too much of a problem so up we get.

Mum he says''Please(yes, he has got good manners,called pleading eyes) can I have a slice of hot pork off the end/''

I enjoyed being served up roast pork,freshly made gravy(like mother used to make,I like things done properly)roasted parsnips,carrots,leeks,onions,mushrooms,peppers and potatoes, boiled carrots cabbage,peas and leeks, apple sauce and mustard.

This was followed by homemade cherry flan with double cream and a cup of tea and back to bed.

The wife has to bring Badgers dinner on to a clothed bed so he can eat in comfort,he deserves it .

Then badger and I cuddle up and go to sleep.

We decide to get up at 6.30pm when the wife decides she is going to bed !!!!.She didn't get up 'till6am,cleaned the snow off the gazebo roof,got breakfast,dinner and continued laying the new laminate flooring,put down some more salt and grit to stop me slipping if I decide to go out tomorrow.Now I am not going to moan about it but she knows I like to talk to all my HealthUnlockder friends before I go to bed and now I have had to make my own night cap before I can do that. Whatever next!!

As for Badger he is dog tired and I know he knows how I am feeling about being treated like this.But like me ,he will not moan about !!!!!

Ah well tomorrows another day!

Richard Cornish


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Today I had to chop up the swede, prepare the carrots and broccoli clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, feed the birds and then sit and endure dancing on Ice and big brother. I think you've got it made mate!! Saying that my wife cleared the drive of snow,cooked the dinner,a lovely pork roast, washed two loads of clothes,visited her auntie doll in a local nursing home, collected our son from his mate's down the rd after digging the car out of some pretty deep snow while I took photo's out of the bedroom window without her knowledge Ha Ha. I guess I'm also pretty lucky too. Tomorrow I'll watch her go off to work at 8 oclock in the morning in freezing temperatures while I lie in till around 9.30/10,00 in the warm and wish I too could one day make it back to a 9-5 job but this is very unlikely. It pay's to have a dream as miracles can happen, but as there a bit thin on the ground best make the best of what I've got now, which could be so much worse eh'. Happy Blogging King. :)


Sounds like you have got an extra special one.Look after her.


Ha ha, great post! But all those vegetables, do you have an especially large plate just for you? Libby


No Libby The surplus veg are used to make soup


It's a wonder Badger would want to share your bed after all those veggies, King.

It must get pretty windy there...!


He is as bad as me!


you're going to tire yourself king of the Duvet, take it easy get the wife to do a bit.

Lib x


If only!


It was a strugle


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