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PIP delayed for indefinite DLA awards

The timetable for moving working age disability living allowance (DLA) claimants onto personal independence payment (PIP) has been put back by two years, until after the next election, for people with indefinite or lifetime awards of DLA.

From April 2013

The new timetable will begin with a pilot from 8th April 2013 for new claims to PIP in the North West and part of the North East of England. Postcodes affected are:

CA, CH (except CH5, CH6, CH7 and CH8), LA (except LA27, LA28, LA62 and LA63), CW, FY, L, PR, WA, WN, BL, DH, DL (except DL6, DL7, DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11), M, NE, SR, and TS (except TS9).

From June 2013

From June 2013, all new claims from anyone aged 16-64 will be for PIP instead of DLA throughout the whole of Great Britain.

The only exception will be renewal claims from a fixed term DLA award which is due to expire before the end of February 2014, where the renewal claim will still be for DLA rather than PIP.

From October 2013

From October 2013 the following DLA recipients will begin to have to claim PIP:

Children turning 16 will have to claim PIP when their existing fixed term award is coming to an end.

People reporting changes of circumstances which might affect their rate of payment, such as an improvement or deterioration in their condition, but not issues like going into a care home or hospital or changing address.

People with a fixed-term DLA award which expires from the end of February 2014

Anyone who chooses to make an application for PIP, including people who have a fixed-term or indefinite award of DLA.

From October 2015

From October 2015, everyone still getting DLA will have to make a claim for PIP. Claimants will be selected randomly rather than by area or age, although the DWP say that they will “invite claims as early as possible from recipients who have turned 65 after 8 April 2013, when PIP was first introduced.”

The DWP does not now expect to complete the reassessment of all existing DLA claimants for PIP until March 2018.

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Thank you for this vangellis



That's a bit less worry then!

Thanks for the info



So what does it mean for people like me? I have just been awarded the Higher rate mobility and middle rate care component from November 2012 and I was awarded it indefinitely.


Hi cuddles64

Well as it stood untill they put it back a further 2 years, your award for dla (even though it has only just been awarded) you would to have reapplied for it under the new PIP's payment as they are stopping DLA altogether and replacing it with PIP's. This meant in your case that depending where you live in the country, in April this year your dla would stop and you have to apply for PIP's, But now they have put it back by 2 years they won't look at your case untill October 2015 (as you have been awarded it indefinately) at the earliest, could even take up untill October 2018) you will still receive dla in the meanwhile. Although seeing as you have been awarded the higher rate mobility I can't see you facing any problems at all in being awarded PIP's.

They have put it back till after the next general election.

With bit of luck this Cameron will lose the election and maybe someone who knows what they are doing and lives in the "real" world will be prime minister, as this guy has the country in a right mess and it's getting worse. Even the BNF could'nt mess up the country like this idiot has




Knowing the pace at which the DWP works I can imagine that you can add another couple of years to that schedule.


So at least another two and a half years before I will be 'invited', and probably a year or so longer than that. Although I use oxygen it is still a worry with that lot isn't it. They might think I can run up the street because i use oxygen.


I get lower rate care only and am working age so not sure when I will be affected. I expect to lose DLA and not get PIP. I get my state pension in 2019 so I really hope if I continue to be out of work (and try to live on half the pension amount til then) that my part of the country - the south west is the last one to be done in 2018.

Bev x


Hi . I get indefinate dla and as I expect like a lot more others I'm am very confused about pip . When I get invited to claim pip , whilst this is being assessed do I lose my dla and car as this is very worrying if I do x


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