ive just been diagnosed with lung cancer

hi all just been given results today i have cancer although it was a shock it is what i expected i am a smoker have been for 20 + years, thankfully its not the cancer thats associated with smoking speaking to the doctor and the mcmillan nurse i have a good chance of being cured because they caught it early i wouldnt have known about if it wasnt for the cough which has collasped the part of the lung the tumour was in anyway the cancer hasnt spread any where else so im keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery

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  • I hope and pray that the cancer is curable. You must try and stop smoking. It is very hard. I smoked for 40years +. I now have copd. The hospital have saved my life twice. I have not smoked for nearly 5 weeks. This web site is very encouraging. I wish you all the best. Take care

  • Hi and welcome. You will get support here and the BLF helpline are also very good. It's great they have caught it early.

    As everyone else says, stop the weed. I stopped 1 year ago yesterday. Not only have I saved a lot of money, my lungs and COPD have not got any worse.

    Lynne xx

  • Hope all goes well for you,welcome to the blog! Do kick the fags though,and realise you have had a near miss,maybe not so lucky next time!!

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Hello

    I'm keeping everything crossed for your speedy recovery.

    Kim xxx

  • I am sorry to hear about your illness my thoughts and prayers are with you now and forever,

    Good luck

  • I am sure that being ill will make quitting smoking very much easier. I quit seven or eight years ago as I knew my life depended on me quitting. You have the right attitude to fight it. And cancer is often beaten. My father has in the past 25 years had four cancers. Two of them serious and two skin cancers. He is still with us at 83 years of age. So keep the good fight and am sure you will win. As long as you quite smoking. Now...:-)

  • What a shock, you must be devastated. Not sure I understand what you mean by 'ts not the cancer thats associated with smoking', surely the cancer must have been made worse by over 20 years of fags?? I agree with the others - give it up! COPD is a horrid thing to live with, mine after being a lifelong asthmatic, my husband's after 20+ years of smoking. He gave up many years ago, but the smoking caused COPD years after he gave up. Your cancer is curable (we all have fingers crossed for you) but COPD IS NOT. Give up the fags and do yourself and your friends and family (and us on here) a favour.

  • I hope all goes well and treatment is successful.

    Lib x

  • Sorry to read your post, must be horrific however,

    I went through several years of Lung specialists telling me to stop smoking, and I happily ignored them. 5 years later on I was told if I didnt stop NOW, Id not live another 5 years. That was all the help I needed, I quit that day and havent had a smoke for nearly 7 years now.

    However, my continual abuse of my lungs has ruined my life. Now I have COPD , Pneumonia, Pleurisy,Emphysema, a terribly low life span of 52 months. I cant walk, I rely on oxygen, Im stuck at home. All my friends stop coming round as I wasnt able to get out. It put strain on my wife and our 25 yr relationship.

    Had I stopped 5 years earlier, I wouldnt have these problems.

    Listen up, I now its hell being diagnosed, and we all look for the excuse that, its not our smoking thats causing the problem. Regardless, it is, you have a lung problem, smoking will make this 50% worse.

    Give up NOW.

  • my heart goes out to Catel,i read all your blogs

  • I hope that you get used to the shock, and find ways of coping. Macmillan's website has lots of help - so don't just rely on your nurse. In our area Macmillan provide CAB advisers for the practical bits about benefits and other stuff you might want to deal with. You could take this as a wake up call and opportunity to review your lifestyle - your choice. It's not just about quantity but quality of life too.

  • Sorry to hear your diagnosis but the prognosis is positive. Please do head the warning and give up smoking. I certainly whish I had stopped sooner than I did as I'm now on oxygen which maybe I could have avoided if I had listened to my body & advice of others.

    Sending you positive vibes & wishing you a speedy recovery

    Best wishes


  • Excuse typo should be heed and wish Opps:-)

  • We have a friend in the USA who has lung cancer, brain cancer, heart failure and diabetes but is still with us and leading his life happily with his wife. Cancer is not always a death sentence and it is great that yours has been caught early. Very best of luck to you and good on you for being positive.Stay that way if you can. Thinking of you. xx

  • Your cancer is not life threatening - brilliant. You have access to the Macmillan nurses and they can provide help and support for you to stop smoking (or you will look forward to being diagnosed with lots of other problems!). I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Hello Ganza, I have also been through the same thing and am still here after being clear for six years. I was operated on twice and went through four sessions of chemo over three year period. I now have COPD. Please be very positive and also get support for your OH as they will need it. Listen to what your nurses tell you as they know all the ins and outs of this disease. I had all my treatment here in France where I live. Take care John

  • so sorry to hear you have cancer, you sound like a very brave person so good luck with your treatment. keep positive and remember your not alone, and have support. if you feel down you can always have a good moan to the group. all the best

  • Sorry to hear your results were not good, but it sounds like it maybe curable as its early stage fingers crossed for a cure result in the near future. There will always be someone at the BLF,on here and at Macmillan nurses if you need a chat or a rant. Every best wish with your treatment.

  • sorry about your news..but what can i say....



  • good luck my friend if we are honest I think most of us are terrified of this diagnoses, but... you have faced the worse.... now ... keep up you positivity , please believe the nurses and doctors , have faith, love to you , jude

  • ganza,my brother (78) & my sister(84) just beat lung cancer! My sisters started in her breast & spread to her lung...it was the size of a half dollar.she had the breast removed & took radiation & is now cancer free! My bro had cyber-knife & he is now cancer free!!first things first STOP SMOKING THE SOONER THE BETTER! You can do it My hubby & I both quit.He now has COPD & emphysema & is in his chair most of the time.I quit 15 years ago & i'm fine,Tried to get him to quit when i did but he would't He quit almost 2 years ago but the damage was already done.You are so lucky they caught it now & can look forward to hopfully many more years on our beautiful GOD given earth!!

  • I quit smoking15years ago,Iwas 60 a day smoked for 46years..Had COPD .My friend Will Power helped me quit.

  • I am sorry to hear of your diagnoses but I am glad it was caught early and can be treated. I wish you luck xxxxx

  • sorry to hear this, but glad to hear you have a fighting chance! we are all rooting for you!! xxxx

  • i am sorry Catel, about your lung cancer, but dont give up they have come forward so much with healing of it, good luck keep imformed

    love janxx

  • Sorry to hear about your lung cancer and wish you all the best. Take a day at a time. We all rush our lives away and should live in the "now" more. Take care KatieJJ

  • I always get s bit cross when people say they've got lung cancer and suggest its because they smoked. As if you haven't got enough to contend with without feeling guilty as well.

    Anyone of my generation or older (50s) were smokers either directly or indirectly. I worked in an office of 12 where everyone apart from me and another girl smoked all day every dat. No windows wereopened in the winter.

    Buses cinema every pub every night club every plane every home. So don't let the media imply its your own fault. Every single person my age and upwards is at risk of getting lung cancer and the greatest risk if all is old age. Fact.

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