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GP Out-Of-Hours Services run by Private Companies

Hi All,

Have a look at this:


I've just signed a petition to demand a proper investigation into what's gone wrong with GP out-of-hours services run by private companies. Just before the Christmas break, it was revealed that private companies like Serco and Care UK are putting that service in danger. They’ve been cashing in on contracts to provide GP services at the weekend and overnight. And it looks like they’ve not been doing a proper job - and lives are at risk as a result.

It’s time to rein in these greedy companies. There’s a powerful committee of MPs that has the power to do a proper investigation into their behaviour - and stop them getting further contracts if they’ve been doing a bad job. But there are lots of demands on the committee’s time. They’ll only investigate if they know there’s great public concern.

Over 70,000 of us have already signed the petition - if we work together now and get it to 100,000 we can prove that there is strong public concern. Let's demand a full investigation into GP out-of-hours services provided by private health companies.

Go here to sign the petition:


We really do need to try and stop this outrageous behaviour :-(



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You'd have to have pretty accumulated proof they are not providing the service for which they are paid Karen for ANYONE to investigate further. You need records of information where the system has failed patients first.


We have just formed a local group ,primarily to keep abreast of the happenings in the Clinical Commissioning Groups(CCG's) but will be looking at other issues as well.We are looking at being involved with organisations to put across our points of view for the furtherence of the well being of the NHS.Why don't you help form a local 38degrees group in your area,also you could join your CCG group and PPG( Patient Participation Group)You will then be able to put forward your sugestions through the correct chanels giving a much better voice.

Our group is NNE38degrees(Nottingham North &East38 degrees)


Your petition now has 99310 signatures Karen.


just submitted


Done. 115,877 signed now.


Just signed the petition ,first read about the terrible things happening in Cornwall last summer ,unfortunately despite a pledge not to do so ,this government is determined to privatise huge parts of OUR NHS ,I am afraid when profits come before patients ,the patients will suffer.

Best wishes



My one experience with out-of-hours doctors here in Surrey will be my last. I vowed that it it is out of hours and either my husband or myself are ill that we'll either tough it out or go to A&E if necessary.

Here in Surrey all community health care has been farmed out to Virgin. Respiratory care, district nurses, occupational therapists, etc. It is awful. The people are the same (so far) but even my husband's consultant can't get the respiratory care team to do anything. It's completely out of control.


Thank you for the support so far :-)


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