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Thank you all for making me smile!

Spent part of the day quite tearful, fell asleep quite late this morning which didn't help my mood. Told my hubby how I felt, burst into tears again, Lottie barged in and gave me a snuggle. Tonight hubby turns on his facebook page and his work colleague had written to us apologising for her partner's behaviour. I have written back saying not to apologise because she isn't at fault, that I value the good working relationship Richard has with her (and I do, she is lovely), and tomorrow is another day.

No one out side of our table not even the gay couple are aware of what happened, not going to make a big thing of it, on some occasions ignorance is bliss.

But I am back on form tonight chaps, someone was getting verbal on FB over people with allergies, and so true to form I got on my soap box and did a little bit of re-educating.

Thanks everyone, I didn't expect such a response to my last rant, you have all made me smile tonight

Love Daxiemad

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Rant any time, Daxie. Good for the blood pressure. Always good to get things off your chest. My troubles are no way as bad as yours. Asthmatic, bronchiectasis with frequent chest infections. I am having a welcome break at the moment. FB is a nifty tool, used in the right way. Bye Annie


Glad it worked out okay. xx


Forgive and forget,no harm done.I expect you feel better now

Richard xxx


That's hopefully relieved yor concerns. Nice that they did it. :)

Lynne xx


What a lovely ending! Now relax, and breathe easy!

Love Wendells xx


Glad you are back to your old self now and putting people right! It all seemed to work out quite well in the end which is good. Take care Daxi and love to you all especially Lottie. xxxx


Hi great to see hyou back, take care and carry on ranting if needed :-)



I think a rant does us all the world of good so rant on xxxxxx


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