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Recently my doctor said that the right side of my heart and my lungs were 'hardening', do you think he meant I have IPF? I've had Emphysema for a good number of years, my sats dip to around 84 if I take a short walk, 93 when sitting, I am still waiting for a 'walk test' since last year and have yet to have my 'sleep test' results although I phoned the consultants sec about 10 times!Please don't suggest I go back and ask the doctor as it takes about 3 to 4 weeks for an appointment and I need to fill in a d.l.a.form in before then, any info much appreciated!

Carol x

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Why not ring the BLF helpline? They will be able to give you information about your diagnosis and also advise on the completion of the DLA form. Good luck.



Thank you auntymary I will do that! xxx


Pity you didn't ask the consultant when he said about it hufferpuffer.

If you do a web search using words "what is symptom, hardening of right side of heart and lung" something no doubt will come up but if you don't trust web searches, guess you could do as auntymary suggests.

Also I would ask BLF helpline when you call about your sats too.

Let us know what you find out, always worth another blog or question.


Hi Zoee I havent seen the consultant since last summer, I had to phone his sec' about a dozen times to get the echocardiogram results,then I had to wait 3 weeks to see the doctor that arranged the visit to see the consultant only to find he had not recieved my overnight sleep sat test results and the doctor was also dissapointed I have not been given a 'walk' test so he said he would 'follow it up'.I was a bit lost for words when he said about the hardening on heart and lungs,maybe I could find out more when I go for my annual check up,on the 24th, though I just noticed its with nurse 'ratchet' so I'm not holding out much hope! I'll phone BLF today.Carol xxx


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