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I recently posted a comment about my newly discovered reaction to Alcohol-runny nose / sneezing / itchy sore eyes / blocked up / unable to sleep- I have subsequently Googled-" Alcohol Allergy" and guess what it seems it is a very common reaction and is called " non-allergic rhinnusitis " and the only remedy is to STOP DRINKING !!!- I havent had a beer since 21/12/12- its a cruel world.

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Gave up 18 months ago having been in the licenced trade all my working life.Boy,do I feel better



I have had non-allergic rhinitis, perennial rhinitis and asthma for 30 years and I do not drink at all apart from a meal out every 12 months and Christmas every 12months.


My son had the flare-ups a year or so ago, but seems to have got over it now.

I was a nightclub DJ for 30+ years, so was in a bar almost every night at one time. I lived in a real ale pub for 6 years, taking on as relief manager for a couple of weeks a year too. Can't say I ever had any problems until quite recently. Now I just can't afford to buy it...


Alcohol used to be such a part of our lives whether it be social or work and sometimes just plain necessity, how times change. Due to various allergies etc. it was necessary to give it up but it is that inbred thing that you appear unsociable if you do not drink, people think you are strange, we discovered the Alcohol Free Shop where you can buy wine and beer that has had the alcohol taken out and it tastes quite nice so now we can sit outside our caravan in the evenings with a glass of vino and no-ones thinks we are strange (only those that know us well say that lol)


And that was my hubbys birthday and we never even had a beer then. we gave up drinking about 12 years ago now. It is a cruel world, you are right xxxxxx


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