Who still has there Christmas tree up?

I was going to take it down yesterday, then decided to do it today instead, trouble is today I really don't have the energy so will have to leave it till tomorrow.

Hope the saying tomorrow never comes, does not come true.

polly xx

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Yep, I still have my tree and decs up , will be taking them down on friday family here again tomorrow , they are all bringing food so we will have a lovely buffet . I am all worn out now as i have had a bit of a clean through and washed kitchen/diner floor . All the best to you for the new year x :-)

My tree and cards will be coming down tonight :) so that I can start the New Year as I mean to go on ........ clutter free !

May all you wish for in 2013 be yours :) Happy New Year everybody !

If you follow the religious traditions then 12th night is the night before Epiphany, which would be January 5th.

In our house it now goes on whatever weekend the wife is not working! That means we will hit the 5th this year, quite often it's down sooner than that.

I can't do with the dust, either putting it up when everything has been shoved in a cupboard all year, or taking it down when it's been up 3-4 weeks.

If you feel it's all a bit too much then enlist the help of the forthcoming house guests, On the 1st it's the maids, the 2nd you get drummers, on the 3rd the dancing ladies turn up, on the 4th the pipers finally make it and on the 5th (12th night) a dozen lords should be enough to pitch in with the task of removing the tree :D

Still got mine up, guests for lunch tomorrow then I'II get them down. The dec's not the guests. xx

Ha Ha love it xx

Just took ours down today,must admit have been putting less up over the past couple of years.But I think everyone should do it, when they feel like it.Some people are reluctant to take them down,so why not keep them up? its your home....

Happy New Year Wendells xx

It came down yesterday. I can't stand it being up for New Year.

Lynne xx

I don't bother with Christmas decorations, haven't done so for above five years, got fed up of seeing them everywhere earlier and earlier, and decided I wanted a Christmas free zone. Even my cards this year have already gone in the recycling bin, (Last Friday).

Today ours went and all the cards - everything. I like to start the New Year Christmas free. Noticed the mistletoe has been forgotten, but we keep ours under the stairs cupboard until next years is in the house - wards off fire, and I just have to keep it.

Lib x

Felt a bit lazy after I put this on so I decided to get on with the task, now I am glad I did.

Tree down and back in box ready for tip, we decided it has had its day and we are having a fibre optic one next year so no struggling for hubby getting the lights back in the boxes

All the decorations are in the boxes ready for a young healthy relative to come and put them back in the loft, usually my youngest daughter because she puts hers in there as well.

polly xx

Mine comes down on Friday too.

Mine will come down tomorrow, fresh start to a near year x

Ours came down on the 27th, can't bear it all cluttering up the place !!

Ours came down on the 27th, can't bear it all cluttering up the place !!

mine never got to go up this year,

rose xxx

Where I live, they seem to go up at the beginning of December and stay until the end of January! We always used to put decorations up a week before Christmas and take them down on 12th night, the 5th, although once Christmas came I couldn't wait for them to be gone. It's always so much easier to put them up than take them down! Libby x

Mine will come down today, only a 3ft fibre optic on the sideboard so not much hassle there and there are only cards apart from that so they will go in recycle bin or maybe the charity bin at the supermarket.

Carole x

Just finished taking our tree and the few decs that we had up down. Glad to see the back of it to be honest and no, I am not a bah humbug usually, but grandson coming later on and he is only 6 months old and loves to back into the tree! Bless him! It is safer to have it all down and away. New Year, new hope. Happy New Year one and all and try and breathe easy. xxxxx

My 6 month old kittens are gradually taking the tree decs down, I am finding baubles all over the house and I cant be bothered to keep putting the tinsel back on so its vertualy bare now. The liketo sit inside it too.

Change of plan here. Wife has announced the tree and decorations will come down on Thursday. She does not want to wait until 12th night, she's fed up of seeing them.

It's not the same any more, too commercialised and pressure to buy far too much junk to celebrate, so we ignored most of that and stuck with what trimmings we had. We used to buy some new stuff every year, this year we even ignored the fact that one string of lights had gone - couldn't be bothered to find the dodgy bulb and replace it.

I have said that I'll get new lights for next year, but I'm going to be on the lookout this week in the sales for those! I'm getting LED ones to save the hassle of looking for a blown bulb. LED's will last ages, that's my logic for changing them.

Kids have all gone, wife's daughter sill lives here but will be 30 in a couple of weeks, so not really the type to get all excited about Santa's visit. She was working over the holidays anyway.

Hi Everyone

I hope everybody is feeling well and have enjoyed your christmases.

My trees (6) went up in the middle of November and came down yesterday, i love them before christmas but afterwards it just feels like clutter and it is very tiring taking them all (and the other stuff) down.

Although i reckon i can get a 7th tree up this year once i remove some furniture!!!

Best wishes and happiness for the coming year.


Wouldn't it be easier moving to the pine forest off Southport Old Road near Formby Jo ?

Looks like the ideal place - goo.gl/maps/ytCCg ;)

Ha Ha - yes Gordon it probably would but it would be a nightmare taking the decs down though! We sometimes go there to see the red squirrels.

Maxer - we have a 4 year old cat who just wasn't bothered this year and a 4 month old kitten who has spent most of her time in the trees, up the trees and removing baubles so i sympathise.

Best Wishes


Yes, mine is still up, taking them down tomorrow. The problem I find is that the box I take them out of is never big enough when I put them away again, so either the box shrinks or I do not pack them the same.

I detest taking them down, as they are covered in dust, even though i have been flicking them with a feather duster and my nose starts running.

Technically Christmas lasts until Feb 2nd - if you're part of the Christian year! I don't put my decs up until Christmas Eve so it doesn't seem so bad to wait until Jan 6th at least. (Advent starts on 4th Sunday before Christmas day - so we don't "do" Christmas 'til Advent is over but we do have a large Advent wreath and light a red candle per week, culminating with the white candle in the middle on Christmas Day) We have a model railway running round a small tree which takes up a desk in the living room. It's a snow scene of course, and the train is pulling a red post office van so it must be delivering pressies. We surround the layout with tinsel and lights. Visiting children often get caught up in the "magic" but we have to emphasise it's a "look but don't touch" scene.

Then again, there's the religion the big shopping centres seem to follow, where Christmas starts in the middle of summer... :(

Model railway...? My brother-in-law runs a company called TMC who specialise in that. If he thought he could sell snow covered locomotives for Christmas he'd do it !

Yes I shun the shopping centre-d religion too Gordon57. I really resent seeing Christmas stuff in shops in August.

As for models - the true modellers adapt the basic ones for their own stories so pre-prepared locos wouldn't be enough of a challenge!

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