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advice please!

I have never been "fainty" person, in fact i have never fainted in my life!!

Last night i kept waking up really light headed, i was fine when i got up until about 2.30 then i tried to do a bit of tidying up, as soon as i stood up i lunged forwards, i didn't faint but was very light headed, was like this for about 25 mins,

is this related to lack of oxygen?

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Hi Kerry

Its an unknown if your experience is related to lack of oxygen. Although I have had same symptoms since last night. I thought / think mine might be a virus. I have head pain which I associated with sinuses being blocked so yesterday took Sudafed and that knocked me out after 2nd dose before bed, then I thought it was the sudafed that was making me feel light headed and dizzy ish, this morning still felt light headed but today am taking homeopathic med for sinus and paracetamol for head pain etc, I think taking the paracetamol helps with the light headedness also. Today I am resting as I do feel its a virus.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

An even mix of apple cider vinegar and spring water with one tablespoon of honey drank hourly through the day is an enormous benefit when sinus trouble strikes.

Having a deviated septum sinus problems are a common occurrence which can lead to other infections if left unchecked, do hope it clears soon as it it lowers the mood with discomfort.

ps warm cloths across the sinus (warmest that can be tolerated) often helps.

Thanks for tips coldcider. Saw consultant today and he has prescribed Nasonex. But will be trying your suggestions also, since I have apple cider vinger and honey to hand :)

Hi Kerry sorry you are not feeling well. I have high blood pressure and sometimes when I stand up quickly I get light headed but it only last a few minutes, its just a thought hope you soon feel better. Syl xx

Zoee hope you soon feel better too.x

Thanks Syl

Hi Kerry, did you mention on a previous blog that you were taking ADs, because they can cause low blood pressure which causes dizziness. I get very dizzy when I stand up and have to sit back down until it passes. I mentioned it to the doctor that I got dizzy spells when I stand up and she said - well sit down!. It usually happens in the evening. Hope you get it sorted.

Lib x

Plus like Zoee I also have bad sinus at the moment full feelng in my ears, headache too and taking antibiotics, plus paracetamol for cracked rib pain - enough to make anyonr dizzy !

lib x

Hi krazylady you maybe stood up too quick and sadly we need to learn to do every little thing slower than we used to and keep seated even during the night until the breathing regulates. In this wet weather my breathing is erratic and frightening and its maybe a woman thing but all I can think about during these times is tidying up in case I need a doctor to come out and all sorts of other daft things. I hope your antidepressants and your next few appointments work straight away. Like you I never wanted antidepressants or anti anxiety pills and I must say the ones I am using seem particularly useless however they are maybe the wrong ones but I keep getting the feeling if I asked for other ones I might get one of those looks that I've come to dread so I continue to take the coward;s road. Hope you feel better soon. It's now four in the day and Ive just cleared all the breakfast things- who cares- hope we all feel better in the new year xx

Kerry, if it was not for your more recent posts, I would have been suspecting alcohol as a potential cause of lightheadedness :) It could be a number of things, the start of a virus, flu, chest infection, who knows ? It could be down to lack of energy, caused by not eating properly, or even cold and flu remedies causing drowsiness. Without checking everything like that out it's almost impossible to tell.

With anything unusual, best to check with your GP, out-of-hours service if needs be, or NHS Direct. A phone call can be more beneficial than any hope that us lot on here can sort you out :D

Having said that, my wife has not been too good of late, with light head, aching glands, sore throat... I've put her out in the kennel for the time being... ;)

I do get that but mine is down to Menieres disease so far. I hope it eases soon and you get it sorted out xxxxx

I feel the same sometimes but as Gordon said mmmmm mine is alcohol related (I think) one can't give up every thing can one ;0 not at my age anyway xxx

Feel same ache clammy and light head sign of infection for me sputum still clear so not on the a/b s unless there is a change will rest for a while after having the grandchildren visit love em to bits but they take it out of you always on the move. Keep a lookout on how it feels and call for help if things get worse day or night just call.

Having a firm diagnoses before embarking on any form of treatment would be my simple advice on this matter. Taking notes of how it feels and when it happens will aid a rapid diagnoses of these symptoms.

Oh dear Krazylady please don't faint on us! I couldn't stand the strain :)

I agree that you probably got up too quickly - try and take it slower in future. If it keeps happening go and see your doctor.

Non-faintyBev xx

It could be so many things Krazy so get it checked out asap. Get well soon. xxx

it cant be coz i was getting up too quickly because when it started i was asleep!!!! ( i know, only me) got a feeling i got a really bad chest infection on its way - as i have said before i get hip pain when i get a chest infection and my hip was VERY painful last night - looks like i'm in for a bad one :(

Oh Kerry, hope hope hope its not a chest infection. Please keep well and rest up. Keep in touch as and when you are feeling up to it. Thinking of you and sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

Take good care Zoee xx

Have you got a blood pressure monitor?. Very often this problem is associated with low blood pressure. As you get up the blood rushes to your feet and your brain reacts accordingly. When it happens with me I have to lie down with my feet raised and it passes fairly quickly. Do hope your health improves; we've only just got you back and I for one miss your wicked sense of humour.

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