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Happy Christmas to everyone. I somehow managed to cook my son and I a Christmas dinner, just chicken and all the trimmings (oh, and Yorkshires!), took me what seemed like forever as I had to cook everything separately in stages so I didn't get overwhelmed. Fell at the last hurdle, and Andrew had to dish it all up. I was halfway through eating when I realised I still had me jammies on!!! Oh well, who cares, though it's a good job no-one else arrived! He's off out tonight with his g/f so I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch tv and maybe have a warm mince pie with some squirty cream - much later though as I'm still full to bursting!

Hope everyone had a peaceful day and no-one felt lonely and miserable. If anyone is feeling down and alone, just pm me - I will check my email often and we can have a "chat".

All the best to all you lovely people and thanks to all those who have left Christmas wishes, they are very welcome. Libby x

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I'm having a bit of Christmas pud and cream later as I'm still a bit full from dinner. Here's to more good times . :)


Happy Christmas everyone!!! cheers! and I hope everybody had a nice day night,I am drinking to your happiness and wellbeing,bottoms up one and all! xxx


Hi Libby so glad you had good xmas and I am amazed you managed to cook a christmas dinner! That must have taken some doing....

My sisters boyfriend invited me round to his. There was 5 of us. He was only going to do frozen veg (yuck) so I took some fresh sprouts and cauliflower round and cooked those as well. Think it was appreciated. I also had to take 2 pans and some knives and forks as well. He cooks very little normally. Like I do :)

bev x


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