Feeling proud

I belong to the British Lung Foundation and have just received their Winter edition of Breathing Space.I had sent an item to Breathing Space called'Never to late for a challenge' and it is on page 33.Made me feel good! Please read it if you can.If not join the BLF for future editions of the mag.It is always very interesting.


Richard Cornish


Start the new year by joining your local Breathe Easy Group.Details from BLF

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  • Wow! Just got my issue today. I'm going to look now!

    Lynne xx

  • Just read it. WOW! You did so well, a Discovery Award. Great letter. I wish there was a breathe easy group nearer me.

    Lynne xxxxxxx

  • Well done Richard.


  • Richard I have just read it and you are right to be proud, well done.

    polly Breathe Easy Member :-)

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