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atos and the dwp

hello all i am new to this site,And i would just like to add my story about atos and the dwp i am 38 years old and was diagnosed with copd in 2008 i have had lung problems since a child with a bad case of whooping cough leaving my lungs scared and have suffered with asthma all my life (now chronic)i was assesesed at nutwwod house in canterbury by a nurse in july of this year (atos certified?) and scored nil points since being diagnosed with copd my lung function FEV test showed i had 2 thirds of my lungs left in four years they have detiorated to 46.5% less than half my lungs i have appealled there decision and recently had to renew my dla claim on 22/11/12 i handed my form in at my local job centre on the 19th which they recieved on the 24th on the 26th i was point blank turned down i recieved my decission before i recieved my letter confirming that they had recieved my claim pack 3 days after i recieved my decission letter my claim pack also included a lung function report from my specialist confirming that my original condition that i was awarded dla for had got a lot worse but they did not even look at this as i was told on the phone by the appeals officer who asked for all supporting medical documents of which i did supply even payng my doctors to print out my notes.only to be told that she is not medically trained to read any reports i provided so they just based the decision for my dla claim on the medical report created by atos that i wholly disagree with and disput and have already lodged my appeal against i am now reduced to living just £10 a day whilst i appeal both decissions shame on the goverment for handing a french company (yes atos is a french owned company) and putting the illest and poorest people back below the poverty line good luck all and don't let them get you down

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The whole thing is a disgrace Terence1. If they carry on like this denying people what they are due they will have to start building work houses again because we will not be able afford to live. Are we in the 19th century or 21st.

Angry Maxer


Hi Terence 1, sorry if this is bad news, but I did not receive DLA (mobility only) until my lung capacity was at 24%. That was a few years ago now and I am now much worse yet last year was only awarded the lower rate care element (as well as the mobility), despite being able to do little for myself these days. I do think it's the luck of the draw though, I have a relation who gets full mobility and full care, yet manages to lead a normal life, going out and being able to care for themselves etc. This makes the next year's new DLA rules very worrying as it seems to be a lottery and, as you say, the needy people are losing out. Don't give up! Libby x


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