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Housing benefit update

Hi all.

Thought I'd update you about my last blog posting about the HB dept saying there was no ruling for a carer to have a bedroom.


Just received confirmation from them that I WAS RIGHT !!!! So they were clearly trying to pull a fast one! They "apologised" for the incorrect answer before. Well twice they gave me the wrong info, it wasn't until and copied and pasted the governments own website page to them that they corrected themselves.

So now the cuts won't affect me but it was the fact they were calling me a liar that was annoying me!

Don't let the council give you wrong info folks, double check their responses before signing a thing!!

Hope alls well with everyone, today the cold weather starts.

Mike x

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Well done Mike......... :)


i'm so glad you stood up to them, we should all do the same, i think thay make it up as thay

go along, good for you,

rose x


Thanks preshous.

Yes Lindierose I am sure they do.....surely they should be giving out the correct legal advice? After all if we didn't notify them of any changes we'd be prosecuted! Yet they are not!

I wrote back very strongly I can tell you!

Mike x


WELL DONE Mike - so pleased for you BBx


Like i stated before they should be fired for giveing wrong infomation, but most likely they get a bonus every time they are believed, knowing that there is always a percentage of people who will never question their word. Maureen usa


Hi Stitch, I just had a feeling a carer who does overnight duties was entitled to a bedroom so I checked on the governments website and found yes indeed they are! It was just a shame the local council either hadn't heard of this or were just trying to save more money by fobbing me off! No one fobs me off, I check and double check everything!

If you get the letter and need help contacting your council just give me a shout.

Bed calls now, night all

Mike x


Well done Mike!

Lynne x


Hey good for you Mike, you dont know until you try, but yes if they were calling me a liar it would make me more determined too!! WELL DONE YOU! XX


Well done Mike - good on ya - really pleased for you.



Stitch, they do NOT have to be qualified, anyone whom looks after you is an official carer....I get DLA care middle rate for care therefore the government has said I need a carer....who I choose to care for me is no ones business but my own as far as I'm concerned...if they want loads of details at a later date ill be crying HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!! The government don't define a carer other than someone who cares. That's good enough for me!

If I find out anything else I'll let you know as soon as.




More than welcome. As I said before...any trouble you get from them just let me know, more than happy to help wording emails, letters etc if needed

Have a great, warm evening


Just found this. Ok it's from Camden council but most councils DO have the same policies.

Definition of a 'Carer'

Carers in Camden

What do we mean when we say ‘carer’?

A carer is a person who is unpaid and looks after or supports someone else who needs help with their day-to-day life, because of:

their age

a long-term illness


mental health problems

substance misuse

As a carer, you may help with tasks such as getting up and going to bed, washing, dressing, using the toilet, shopping, cleaning, laundry and making meals. The care may mean keeping an eye on people who are confused or at risk if not supervised, or encouraging them to do everyday things for themselves.

Carers may be family members, including children and young people, who live with the person they care for, or family, friends or neighbours who live elsewhere.

The term ‘carer’ does not include any carer who:

gets payment either in cash or in another way for the care they provide

works as a volunteer on behalf of a voluntary organisation.

Page last updated Jun 23, 2008 4:57 PM

Hope that helps with the definition of the carer problem!

Mike x


This is what we all need! It's hard reading but its government papers and clearly states an UNPAID NON RESIDENTIAL CARER CAN HAVE A ROOM soa they ARE exempt from HB cuts. For those with a live in carer, well, I'm not sure.

Here we go

What do we all make of this then?



Sorry I got the link wrong!!

It's this

Mike x


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