Yes, I won!

Dad has a bath seat supplied by social services to enable him to bathe. Only trouble is, it doesn't recline so he has to remain upright. Yes it is great they have supplied him with one but when you are end stage, sometimes its the littlest things that make the biggest difference.

So I have been trailing ebay and second hand sites for weeks now and finally one came up in the vicinity and I bid and bid and bid and won............yippee!

I was so excited I rang dad to tell him and he was pleased as punch. Hopefully I can go and collect it tomorrow and soon dad can have a nice chilled out laid back bath. Heaven x

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  • Good old Ebay..... :) hope he enjoys it & well done you for looking.

  • That's great! :-)

    I know for my wife the smallest things give her the most pleasure. We got hold of a second hand riser/recliner chair so she didn't have to put up with the nasty hospital-type chair .............. she loves it! :-) I hope your Dad gets pleasure out of his new bath chair.

  • Well done it means a lot to have a lovely bath x

  • Well done tanyamarie - hope you're Dad enjoys a lovely soak with dignity.

    Love XXX

  • Well done on your perseverance.

    Lynne xx

  • Tanyamarie, you are a daughter after my own heart : ) when i got dad his 'uppy downy' seat, the relief for him and me was amazing!! I hope he enjoys a good soak xx

  • I'm so pleased for you, but also a bit green with envy, I broke my ankle in October last year and now have a plate with 7 screws. and last May I damaged the ligaments in the same foot, hence haven't had a bath in over a year, have to climb into the bath to have showers,I'd love to have a nice long soak but as I live on my own I'd never get manage to get out of the bath. Have Golf Elbow and Raynauds which doesn't help. Perhaps I should look on ebay too. xx

  • For a carer to assist in using it :D

  • wow well done hope dad enjoys a relaxing bath in the future

  • well done. Your Dad is so lucky to have you. x

  • Well done . the simplest things bring so much pleasure. ((((((hugs)))))))))))

  • ah thats great its lovely to have baths hope he enjoys it hun xx

  • Well done Tanyamarie your dad is lucky to have you fighting his corner - and I hope he enjoys a good long soak simple pleasure can make such a difference xxBB

  • so pleased for him

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