Just a quick comment regarding PenPals. Last year I applied to BLF for a PenPal. We are all in the same boat one way or the other so to have an understanding correspondent is an excellent idea. I hope those of you who do not have a PenPal via BLF will take a look at it. For me, it has proved a fantastic experience. I have a REAL friend. He is from Norfolk, I am from South Wales. We sometimes text each other too if there is something important health-wise. Emails are so regular between us that we really have become true friends. Please just take time to have a look at the PenPal scheme. It has worked well for me.

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  • what pen pal scheme? where do you find out about it?

  • It was a newsletter that came from British Lung Foundation. I will try and find out contact details for you and get back to you.


    Hi Jandan, hope you get the information from the link above. Please get back to me if it doesn't work and I'll try to help, Good luck and I hope you benefit as much as I have from it.

  • Thank you I will have a look tomorrow (I am expecting visitors at any time) and let you know how it goes,


  • Hope you get the info from it. Keep me posted!!!

  • This sounds great - people who don't have copd just don't get it, even though they can see you can't breath, they just don't understand everything that goes along with it. I used to say "tie a plastic bag around your head, when you run out of air try and keep moving around and then you'll know what it's like". But it just doesn't seem to get through - anyone else feel this? I'll be looking out for the penpal details Janet, thanks.

  • I know just how you feel, at the moment I would not care if they left the bag there, I really don't know how to cope ,all I want to do is cry

  • (I just lost all I typed to you so if you get some strange message, it's my inability on a computer!!)

    I agree people have no conception of what it feels like when you can't breathe. In fairness, how could they.

    I have been so ill for six weeks I went into a private hospital for the day last Tue. Sats down to 66, couldn't get from one chair to another. Steroids started that night, into NHS Emergency chest clinic next day, straight on oxygen and lots of tests. Sats up to 93 after 2hrs on Oxygen. Home by 7.30pm and oxygen company here by 8pm setting up machine. Side effects of lots of water retention from steriods but last day of those Monday. Nurse coming out to house next week to advise next steps. Doc says I should come up quite a bit from the low state so that's encouraging. Just shows what a hit and miss chest care is!! Just makes you realise how we should all communicate so we know what care we should be getting.

  • Just applied! Thanks so much!


  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for putting this post on Gucci. Anyone can apply to have a penpal - either by using the link to the website - - or by calling the Helpline 03000 030 555 - and speaking to Terrel or Kelly who look after the Penpals scheme.

    You can have as many penpals as you like. We try and meet your requirements as best we can e.g by age , lung condition, hobbies and interests etc.

    And as Gucci says it isn't just the traditional way of writing by snail mail - many people email, text and in some cases swop phone numbers and keep in touch by phone.



  • I have made a few friends from going to Breathe Easy, and regular am in touch with John Ratcliffe on Skype. Technology really is a great thing. I will look at the penpals system though, the more the merrier:-)

  • Thank you Gucci I actually filled in the details last last night so I will wait and see if they can match this grumpy old bird with the weird sense of humour with someone LOL we will wait with bated breath - I wish!!

  • Well done to everyone. I hope you get as much out of the PenPal scheme as I have.

  • I have a pen pal Gucci and we get along well too. She is a lovely lady who was a carer for her husband just like I am for Pete. Sadly though my friend's husband died earlier this year but we are still in touch and email each other every week. It is a great scheme and well worth doing. Stay well. xxxx

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