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chest infections

Hi all Thought i would let you all know that my ca\r was serviced and i had the air conditioning

disenenfected allso the heater air outlets the pipe work its worth doing as these harbour

all sorts i get this done each year .

But i thought i would tell you all as it may welll help prevent others gettin spores and other

nasties good luck all bob

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thanks. I have a damp smell in my car and use dehumidifiers but they don't get rid of it all. I am sure this can't be good for me - spores etc ... so how do you disinfect the aircon and heater outlet pipes ? cheers



you can just spray detol serface disinnfectant down air vents if you do do it when you

are not going to use car over night in morning start car buut dont get in run 5 mins

wiith heater on full thats the blower hot or cold and thats it


Thankyou - will do. Had absolutely no idea I could do this. x


You can purchase a product from Halfords, it's an aerosol that you trigger in the back of the car, leave the engine and the aircon on and it clears the whole system. Works really well not cheap but at least you can breath once the air has cleared.

You can usually tell if there is a problem by the horrible smell when you switch the aircon on. Or in my case my lungs tell me quite quickly that something is wrong.


hi moneal I just thought that not meny people do it and over the winter not use it so it starts its nasty work .

im glad that you replied it good that others are aware no one tells others until they tell them and the uasual replie is I know any way good luck and lots of happiness for ther future bob


You are so right Bob, I first noticed it a few years ago when I started to gasp for breath each time I used the car, the air con on a car provides the perfect breeding ground for bugs and mould. As a COPD sufferer it is very important to keep clear of anything like that, so paying a few pounds for the proper cleaner once a year seems like a good idea to me.

Best wishes for the New Year



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