Hi honey I'm home!

Hi honey I'm home!

home after a lovely holiday in Shropshire, a lovely bungalow in a stunning spot...nothing but hills as far as we could see!

looking forward to tackling the week ahead, have done the final increase of my meds and feeling ok....was a bit grim yesterday ;( the sun is shinning and the heating is on....and I'm tidying my studio (everything got chucked in here when we had visitors the other week....I need to excavate my desk lol!!)

saw this and was reminded that just as we are often misunderstood...having a so-called invisible disability...so we can all misjudge our fellow man at times...you never know what is going on in someones life.

breathe easy everyone,

Mrs S xxx

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  • Hi Hunny

    nice to have you home,

    rose xx

  • Would second that! Glad you had a lovely holiday nothing better for the soul! Good luck with the tidying! Look after yourself. TAD xx

  • Shropshire is a lovely county. Fresh air. Where did you stay? We stayed in a lovely bungalow in the middle of nowhere. Very well quipped. Studio - do you paint? Bye from Annie

  • we were near Clun, in the middle of nowhere too :)

    I'm a textile designer/maker, I paint too but its more a sewing studio then anything!

  • Glad you enjoyed your holiday Mrs S.

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