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Occupational health......what a joke

Hi,as many of you know I have been off of work for some time now.i can't climb the 50+ stairs that need to be climbed if I need the loo.

Well,occ health rang me last week,to discuss ways in which I could poss return to work

One question they asked was,if you have a disabled customer that needs to go to the loo,what which I answered they either go across to the cafe and use their facilities,or they use the portaloo on the corner.

His next statement just knocked me off my feet.

Do you think you could possibly consider doing the will be given longer for your breaks,while you go across the road to the toilet.

I told him the situation would not be acceptable to me.if its raining,or worse,snowing.what effect will that have on my condition.

I have therefore decided to give up my job,which I'm quite sad about.i could be sent to another store,but I don't drive,and it would mean catching buses,and walking from a to b.

Rant over.xxxx

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Thats just not right. To me its constructive dismissal.


I agree preshous.

Rather than just leave could you arrange early retirement on health grounds? You would probably be better off financially if you could.


Fantasy - Not sure if this is within the BLF remit, but it might be an idea to give them a ring anyway, or the CAB. Don't do anyhthing hasty until you know what your best option is.

Good luck.

Love C xxx


I have to agree with the others don't do anything hasty.

You are their employee and they have the care of you. And as an employer should be helping you and looking after you.

How did this person end the conversation ?


Thanks for all the comments.i have tried to go for early retirement through ill health,but really don't want to affect my state pension.which it will.

I believe they are going to contractually dismiss me,so I can get some sort of financial help.

My employers have been very good to me since march,and are supporting me until December.

It's the idiot in occ health that's the problem.he even suggested my condition was self inflicted,because I gave up the fags 12 years ago.and have not touched one since.but because I'm an ex smoker it's my fault.



I'm considering the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, since replaced by the Equality Act 2010, in this one. If the loo at your place of work is not accessible then they are breaking the law - although there are certain conditions that can let them off, if less than so many people work in that location for example.

When I was setting up the radio station studio, I had to allow for a wheelchair to be able to access the studio and toilet facilities, even though we only rented space in a building. Had there been any difficulty in having access to the toilet facilities we could have been refused grants.

If the OH person is being stupid with statements then it may be worthwhile keeping a record of these to pass back to your employer if you accept a severance package or to present to a tribunal if you go for constructive dismissal.


Gordon.its an old listed building(apparently),therefore no alterations can be made.thats why there are no disabled facilities.

And there are no other persons who work there who would be considered so.

My employers know about the snide comments from was actually said to them,that's how I know what was said about my condition.

Anyway.thanks for the replies.

I'm off to docs this morning to get another sick note.

Take care.x


eeeejits xx


Constructive dismissal - sue them.


Are you a member of a trade union ?.If you are they may well be able to help .Hope things get better .


Yes,I am a union member.good point.will have a chat to someone.

Thank you x


Hi. Give ACAS a ring, they may adivse you whether you have a case and point you in the right direction. Unbelievable! You couldn't make it up could you? x



You most certainly couldn't I said my employers are being brill.its just the OH idiot who is letting me down.

Even my g.p said to me this morning( and you get no understanding from her either).are your employers ok with me keep signing you off.for gods sake!!

You are the doctor.

I'm the patient.

I can't get up the bloody stairs to do a wee.

Therefore I can't go to work

Or do I really have to leave my position,and use the portaloo on the corner.

Every time I need to go.

In all weathers.

Give me strength.



The union supported me but it took all the fight in me.This is not an easy option either.Good luck.I am surprised that they didnt suggest that you wore a nappy on a rainy or snowy day UNBELIEVABLE


Hi fantasy3, You can scream if you like, some people are such idiots and thats the polite word. Do not rush into resignation, it is up to the employer to try and resolve the matter. It is a complex law, if the cost of adjustment is too high the company is not compelled to do it. In your case if you feel able to work other than the toilet issue then maybe a visit to a disability employment officer at the local jobcenter might be of help to yourself, or help in future if your employment is terminated on health grounds.Hope you find a solution all the suggestions here on this blog page are good every best wish


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