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emphysema and haemipilus influenzae

Ive had some lovely answers in the past few days connected with another quetison so been cheeky i thought i would ask another.I am very drained and tired from these complaints and just wanted to know if its better to exercise or just rest.I do put some effort into walking but just so tired.I get confused because some people say that exercise is good for you but others say rest so any advice with be very welcome

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Hi, I can only tell you about my husband - he has moderate/severe COPD and like you I had read that excercise was the key to slowing down the progression. Really on a basis that you need to keep your muscle tone - the less you do, the less you are able to do. He just would not get into the walking thing, he got very breathless and was doing less and less. He was referred for the pulmonary rehab course last year and it did change his life because he was taught to excercise in a controlled environment so that he now knows what he can do. The increase in fitness levels had an amazing affect on him plus the education on COPD. Perhaps you could ask your Doctor/consultant about that. I think there is also a BLT excercise DVD - but I could be wrong! Take care TAD xx


I have asked about a pulmonary course once before but my doc said they wont except me while ive still got haemophylis influenzae,most probably so i dont pass it on.I would love some advice i just seem at a stepping stone at the moment because of this bug.Thank you very much for your help i will inquire again.Been to the docs today ive still got bug ive had it since March the bloody thing is well and truely attached to me ha ha.Thanks agin how are things with you?


Hello Kay, I think you are very wise to be looking into doing a little more exercise, there are lots of good gentle ones on you tube, and Tai Chi is said to be very beneficial to people with c.o.p.d. I hope you can fight off the bug soon! :) x


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