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headless chicken mode!

what a week!

I'm still coughing my head off and am seeing G.P. and having my regular bloods done tomorrow, don't think infection has cleared so expecting more anti-biotics. I'm shattered too but don't know if its just the infection, or the major juggling of drugs thats happening too...consultant said I might feel rough until they were stable.

Tonight I'm being observed (OfSTED styley) at work so I'm running round in circles trying to make tonights session extra special....its all a case of playing the game I'm afraid!

On top of all that I'm trying to get packed as we off on hols on Friday...the rest of the family are doing their bit, but I'm struggling to sort my stuff out...I'm usually very organised, but we had visitors at weekend so didn't get ahead! at least eldest son has Friday off this week so will be around to give me a hand. :-)

Aaargh! rant over.... that feels anyone????

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Hi Mrs S, milk and two sugars please! Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather, but getting a inspection going on holiday and having visitors over are you mad!!! it's us who should be making you coffee !!!!

Enjoy your hols but more importantly get well soon




ta Mucks, I read this just before I stated my lesson and it made me smile!

inspection went well, and really glad its over!!

Mrs S x


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