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My thanks to all you lovely people


Yes its Lizzie 6pm on Saturday day 14 non smoking. Huge thanks to you all for your encouragement and advice to keep me off the killer sticks. I really am truly thankful to you all. And tomorrow will be day 15, there is no way I will relent from this challenge. I think like others that one will feel better immediately. Bonus is my teeth are no longer stained and I don't jump out of bed in the morning and leg it to the shop for fags!! Am surrounding myself with people who don't smoke to make it easier. Hugs to you all x

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You really should pat yourself on the back. Well done :)

Keep it up - I saved all my ciggy money in my 1st non-smoking year and had well over £1,000 saved for that christmas.

Well done. My ciggie money has gone into a savins account by direct debit since I stopped.

£2,000 already!

Lynne xx


Well done

You will feeling the benefits every day,

Like the others save the money and treat yourself regularly. B.

Well done,keep it up,it does get easier.I stopped 3 years ago.It makes me smile when i see people smoking in door-ways in all weathers,just to get that buzz!

It is now almost 4 month since I had my last cig. To be honest I don't feel the benifit because a lot of damage had been done to my lungs through my smoking.

Having said that it would be much worse had I carried on smoking.

I do hope you keep it up Lizzie it aint easy so yes a well deserved pat on the back for you girl.

Gina x x x

Well done, be very proud of yourself :-)

Well done, Now that you have made the decision to stop that's all you ever need to remember

If you get cravings just remind yourself of the decision you have made to stop. This takes the power out of the craving.

Giving up smoking is just a mind game nothing more.

Best thing you will ever do for yourself.

Hi Lizzie

Wow, day 16 and HUGE congratulations - this is really something extra special that you are doing for yourself and I hope you treat yourself with some of the cash!!!

I've been quit nearly 10 years now and it's SOOO nice to smell good. Also, I really did notice the difference in my breathing - even after a year. The not so nice times were 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months for some reason!! If that urge kicks in then have a list of things to do instead.

All the very best.

Wow well done 6 months now for me keep up the good work.

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well done

well done

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