yoohooo , hi to all im new!!

im a little bit confused lol ,got told i had copd 3 years ago and thought "id best just get on with it then"was given inhaler and then another one and now im on 3 different sorts, was sent to the hospital to have my breathing checked and told my level was moderate?and that there was no cure but just to control it, my doc never gave me any advice at all just changes my inhaler when i do complain,had a chest infection a month ago and still not feeling right, i have been reading your post and really confused wen you talk about levels and having tests and seeing the breathing nurse? i can cope with having copd but it gets me down sometimes wen i havnt a clue wat i should be doing and who i should be seeing to try make life a little bit easier and happier, so thought id man up and ask you lot for advice,(moany mood today) so thx for reading xxx

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  • first thing i would advise is ring the helpline . 03000 030 555

    I have been managing my COPD for many years now thinking that was i was supposed to do - this morning i rang the helpline to ask " is this normal" and have found out so much information i did not know - so now i am prepared when i see my doctor to ask him some questions and arrange tests i have not had.

    certainly recommend a call to them.

  • thank you ,ill give them a ring xxx

  • Hi there. I am lucky to have a GP who is a specialist in COPD and he has a respiratory nurse.

    Ask the BLF for their information pack. It is really good and will help you understand a lot.

    Lynne x

  • Hi, and welcome to the group. The best thing would be to speak to one of the BLF staff for advice and information leaflets, DVDs etc. The other members of this site can provide much needed advice and support which is very useful, especially if you are feeling a bit 'low' with having to cope with this condition. Take care, Richard.

  • Not half...learned more in 10 mins than trying to talk to the Doc... understand a great deal more

    Thank you ☺

  • Hiya, and welcome. Just got one thing to say really......the more you know about your condition, the better you will manage it. Gps dont really know unless they specialise. Most surgeries have respiratory nurses at least once a week, if not ask for a rehab course.You probably have to join a waiting list, but well worth it as you will learn so much. This site also has loads of answers and support. Take care Ingrid

  • thank you all , i have just rang the helpline and the nurse will ring me shortly, its nice to know im not on my own xxx

  • No you are not alone. Welcome. x

  • Hi Daft,

    Love the nickname & welcome

  • welcome I am pretty new. although having copd for years I was not informed about coping methods.never really had it explained to me. luckly a new g.p. joined the practice who had knowledge of disease ...got the ball rolling, x-rays/ scan/ hospital appointment,/ change of meds. however the best thing I ever done was log onto this site, had been reading it for ages and was unsure. then went for it. fantastic people, lots of support, abundance of knowledge humour and courage. so become a member of this caring group...you will feel better....I promise

  • Hi DB, you're not daft, the very same thing happened to me,I was diagnosed nearly 9 years ago and have just been grinning and bearing it ( my Mum had the same ) that is until I got a computer and I have found out as much as I can.I wish I had been better informed when my Mum was very ill. The last time I had a chest infection, the doctor I saw said she was realy worried about my chest! Try to make sure you get your flu jab and keep your mouth covered up,avoid people with colds,eat healthy,keep as fit as possible and be as happy as you can be! :) Carol x

  • awww thank you all its so nice to get your replies, usually i just grin and bear things and it helps alot to know im not on my own, i got a call back on the helpline and that was very informative to, so bless you all for taking the time to reply xxxx

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