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I live in N. Ireland and have a concentrator, it is suppossed to be read every 3 months, and i should get a refund for electricity used by it. The man who does my readings is never on time, i have a bill from 3 July i am still waiting on a refund for, and my next electric bill is due next week, so that will be 2 bills i will be waiting on refunds for. I have phoned air liquide here so many times and been told, my refund has been sent to my bank, it hasnt, then last week, the man who does my readings, phoned me to say that in future he will be doing a reading every 6 MONTHS - TO PUT HIM IN LINE WITH ENGLAND, WHO NOW ONLY HAVE READINGS EVERY 6 MONTHS, he says i will get an estimated reading every 3 months and when he does the 6 monthly reading any underpayments or overpayments will be adjusted then. can anyone confirm please, that air liquide are going to now do 6 monthly readings and is there anyone i can complain to about this man, who is constantly not calling to do my readings, the last time i saw him was in April 2012. Thank you Janie x

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Hi Janie

I think that is the procedure - you only have to submit 2 readings and inbetwen the readings will be estimated - similar to what happens with electricity/gas bills. I will check and get back after the weekend.

It isn't the engineers fault that he cannot come and take readings every quarter - he will only be following procedure.

Have you checked with your electricity company to make sure they haven't received a payment form Air Liquide direct. You should ring Air Liquide to find out what has happened to your payments, they should be able to trace it if it's gone astray. Also ring your electricity supplier and make sure they know the situation - and make sure they know you are an oxygen user and on their priority register.

Once I get any nore info I'll come back - but in the meantime call us on 03000 030 555 - if you want to talk to someone about it.



That's news to me . I had mine read in may, but have not been notified that it will be six months until the next



Hi Mark thank you for your help, i appreciated it very much,

kind regards


Hi Janie, you can take your own meter reading and phone it through to Air Liquide on their free phone number, link to details below love:



I get my oxygen from AirLiquide and have a concentrator which was installed in April, my husband was told by the installer that he had to read the meter and ring AirLiquid with the reading I did this and received a cheque. I did it 2 months ago but have not received a cheque yet. Now I am confused is it different in different areas?


Thank your Davy, but i live in northern ireland and every no. i phone, i am automitcaly put through to the head office here, i have written a letter to their main headquarters in Droitwich explaining my situation to them, hopefully they will now sort out my situation. It was through the BLF that i got the address, so will let u all know what the result of writing to them is, thank you Davy for your kind help.

Caroleoctober i would phone air liquide and explain your situation to them and ask them why you havent received this rebate u are due, especially as your husband was told by the installer this is what you have to do, normally here, the installer sends the number into the office (when he turns up) and the office issue a refund directly to my bank account, have u checked ur bank account to see if it has been sent there. good luck Janie xx


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