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I am waiting to hear from my mp this week about my housing needs.i have been taken off the medical banding and put on the lowest banding for being rehoused. sick and deppressed of living in a house in disrepair.i also phoned up the charity shelter and they contacted a housing solicitor for me who will be phoning me on monday.i do not want to move out of this house for a week then move back in.i want a perment move.Im sorry about sounding misable right now,i will write something more happy once this is sorted out.i think i will write a compaints letter to my socail landlord about how i have been treated ,maybe that will help?

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I think I would be feeling the same If I were in your situation. Have you been in contact with Citizens Advise at all?Perhaps they could advise or help write a letter.I know they have solicitors there that could help. good luck with your claim.


Hi mumsy

Really sad for you and cannot understand why you have been taken off medical priority. Did they explain why?

I admire how proactive you are being in getting in touch with Shelter with the knock on of a solicitor.

You will defo need to get the medical priority reinstated. You might want to get supporting letters from you GP, consultant and any other peeps eg physios who are involved in your medical issues.

Please let us know how you get on.



I hope that the phone call with the solicitor is positive and can offer you a solution. Wishing you all the best TAD x


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