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Emphysis Endobronchial value

Hi All I would be glad to hear from anyone who has had this valve inserted whether it was successful or not etc. My brother is going for a c t scan to determine his suitability

for this and has been told if he is a viable candidate he will be put forward for this.

I also have copd and because of this haven't asked him what stage he is at i.e.

severe - mid to severe - he is very reluctant to discuss his condition even with me

as he is worried it becomes known - another reason for me to be thankful that I

discovered this site and that it anonymous with a lot of people able to share their concerns.

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It was talked about some time ago at and again here do hope this is helpful for you


Thank you very much for your info Bilbo had a look at the comments on this site

and it seems from that it would appear to be an unresolved issue for the time being - something therefore that shouldn't be entered into lightly. Won't discuss the lack of success stories with him as it is possible that he won't qualify anyway.

Thank you again,



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