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Thank you all for your very helpful comments. I rang the BLF who told me to ring Age Concern, who told me to ring another number, but unfortunately, my husband was rushed into hospital again last night with pneumonia (blue lights). The attendance allowance idiots told me he doesn't need 24 hour care because he has no confidence that is all and there is no reason why I have to be with him all the time.

If I had listened to them and left him on his own, he would have died.

I am now hospital visiting for the next few days so will have to put all this on hold.

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Hope he is alright he's in the best place,you take care of yourself as well. Val

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Thank you so much.

Hi, I hope he recovers quickly, take care and look after yourself. Perhaps there is someone at the hospital who can give you some advice regarding the attendance allowance and any other benefits you could claim. Best wishes, Richard.

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Thank you so much, I asked but I have to ring Age Concern., which I already knew because of this sites helpful bloggers.

Hi sweething hope he will soon be on the mend, make sure you look after yourself whilst he is in hospital.

Take care


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Thank you so much, I have now got a chest infection, it never ends does it.


Thank you so very much, he was only in hospital with pneumonia on June 2nd this year prior to that February this year. I am dreading winter because I don't honestly think he'll make it through the bad weather.

We just feel so alone and people with this condition should not have the hassle and stress of trying to get help. I rang the Attendance allowance people this morning to tell them what had happened and I totally lost it, I told them I was getting in touch with the local MP and the local newspaper, this wants highlighting because they are paper pushers, not medical people so how can they determine what my husband needs without coming to the house to see him. I told them I hope they all rot in hell.

I cannot see me getting anything now. i think I have totally blown it.

Once again thank you all, I really appreciate your comments.

Make that fuss with the MP! You haven't blown it.

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Will do, I have got her name so will be getting in touch with her. Thank you.


Thank you. When he gets home I will.

Hi Sweeting

I do hope your husband is feeling better by now?

The fact that you let of steam to DLA will not make any difference to your claim one way or another.

Have you received a written refusal of his application yet? If you have - appeal - it takes time to get a hearing but they will back date if you are successful. The other thing is to phone the CAB and ask if they have anyone who will help you fill out the forms - there is a knack to completing them! I wish I could help you more. Your MP and local newspapers sound a good idea. Push the fact that you have enough on your plate with a very seriously ill husband without all the added stress this is causing.

Keep your chin up and we are always here for you.

Sue xx

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Thank you, the trouble is at the moment I am so run down I get emotional on the 'phone then I get angry. I have got a specialists appointment at the respiratory clinic

as I have had a bad cough for 8 months. Finally the GP sent me for a xray and then a referral so god knows what I have got, dreading it. Can't talk about it with my husband as he knows if I go in hospital he cannot look after himself, so worry after worry.

hi I also agree with suzyflip, we were turned down too but CAB were a great help. they are a lot of good folk on this blog ,I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. It must be a worry for you.

best wishes, Carol3

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Fantastic people on here, so very helpful, thank you so much for your comments I feel as if I am not alone. I have a specialist appoint for a cough I have had for eight months and finally after much nattering, the GP sent me for an xray and a referral to the respiratory clinic. God knows what I have got, my husband knows I have this cough and have been to the doctors but does not think there is anything wrong. If I have to go into hospital for anything, my husband will not be able to manage on his own, I checked with social services who told me we would have to pay for care. It just keeps getting worse.

Having done the same myself, over the blue badge affair, I would emphasise getting your MP on the case as soon as you're able.

You can write up what has happened, explain the stress and anguish caused and your husband's spells in hospital, and send it all via email. If you don't have their email address you can get it here:

That may be quicker, and easier, than making an appointment to see them. By all means involved the local paper as well, they love a good 'little guy being pushed around' type story.

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Thank you so very much for this information, I was going to ring her and have a word but if I email her I can put into words how I am feeling. When my husband comes out of hospital I will get started on this.

I did find age uk really helpful, ask to see a benefit claimant, there is usually one at our age uk between certain times and she helps fill in the forms and gives helpful numbers. The "pen pushers " have no idea what people have to put up with, and have no empathy for anyone, you only have to take that poor mans court case, heartless people with the power over the poorly and helpless. Look after yourself too, don't neglect your own health. good luck.

a frind of mine , her husband had both legs amputated from meningitis, every time he applied for dla they would ask how far he could walk, his answer was, I have no legs, the question would come back, but how far can you walk. deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr He went to the local paper and his mp, It makes you wonder what sort ofpeople we have who hold this power over us,


I agree, I have emailed our local MP and am waiting for a reply. I asked the Attendance Allowance person how can non-medical people determine that my husband is not ill enough for help. she said they go by the legal aspect of it???? no wiser as she could not explain.

I gave her a mouthful and told her when my husband dies I shall be taking the lot of them to court for mis-management of funds that should have gone to a needy person.

Oh dear sweetthing, have just come on the site and seen your blog. I do hope your husband gets better soon and you too of course. You now have me spitting feathers about the Attendance Allowance as you should definitely be receiving it. I do agree that the CAB are very good at helping people just like you so turn to them and see what they can do. I just do not understand what a person has to be like to be conisdered ill enough to claim what they are due. Disgusting! You take care. Sassy59 xxxx

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Thank you so much for your kind comments, things are not too good at the minute the antibiotics are not working so they are having to try something else.

I am now awaiting a reply to my email I sent to our local MP. When my husband comes home I am also ringing CAB and the Age UK, I will not let this go as it is about time medical people took this job on. The trouble is they have been dishing benefits out left, right and centre to people who are not ill and have lied on their forms, now they are having to do their job more strictly, the people who need help are being turned away all because of the liers who took advantage of the system.

My sons are being great, they are taking me out for meals with our grandchildren because for the past 8 months we have not left the house and I could not leave husband on his own.

Thank you once again.

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