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Blue badge ? I don't believe it ! ( Said in a Victor Meldrew voice :) )

I applied online for a Blue Badge a couple of weeks ago. I have had no communication since then until yesterday. The letter said " We are pleased to tell you that your application for a Blue Badge was successful ".

I wrote on the application that I had Stage 3 COPD severe and that I find it hard to walk very far without getting breathless.That was generally it. Whether they contacted my doctor or not, I do not know, or maybe COPD is starting to be recognised as a disease that can impair ones walking and general way of life.

I will be updating my first pulmonary test blog soon which seems to suggest I am actually Stage 4.

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Good news. Very pleased to hear it, maybe they do have a little crib sheet to refer to after all. I was given to understand that they would get all applicants in for assessment, of maybe that's just my local lot.

Good news :)

Hi Puff, great news.

The first thing I did with mine was to go to the local shopping centre and I was able to park near enough to get to ALL of the shops!

Think of all those outings you can have knowing you don't have far to walk at the other end.

Happy travelling. Auntymary x

I'm over 60 so already have a bus pass. I must admit I like the independence of driving your own car though.

hi Puff

I have diagnosed with PF. I see you can a get a bus pass. Is there a age limit? And more importantly, is it free?

I only know that if you are over 60 you get one free. Perhaps one of the other members may be able to help you with your question. Sorry about that.

Yes, thats right; but one doesn't have to be ill to get that. Does anyone know if one can apply for a free bus pass if they are ill but not over 60.

Hi Tarana,

I got a bus pass and I'm not 60 yet - my Blue Badge entitled me to one. I had tried without going the Blue Badge route, but our local council no longer give you one on the GPs say so. You have to fit into the usual benefit categories (which I didn't). I applied for the Blue Badge, got it, and immediately went and got an application form for the pass. I think all Council's have different ways of dealing with them. (I'm in Scotland)

Congratulations Puff :) It feels good doesn't it ? I know I was gobsmacked when I got mine without have to jump through all the hoops that Gordon has had to :(

get one automatic when you have DLA high rate mobility no more hoops

It is 'cos it is Olympics year - I had to jump through FIVE hoops ;-)

GOOD NEWS - I was fuming last night talking to my mum 77 a diabetic ect ect dad 78 kidney dyalisis 3 times a week - don't have any other benefits but they have to go for an assessment to renew their blue badge taking a long list of medication from the doctor! These forms hoops loops seem to have no rhyme reason or common sense.... So pleased you got yours easy Yay result.

I didn't expect to get one after reading the problems people have been having on here. I wouldn't of appealed either if I hadn't got one. Is it another post code lottery ?

It's "wouldn't have", not "wouldn't of"

*rolls eyes*

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Hi Puff, I did the same the other night...went on line filled out the form and pressed send...well I must say I was extremely surprised when I opened an email the next morning at 9.10 am saying I was successful in my application!! I think it was because I wrote about how I am now on ambulatory oxygen and need to carry it around with me even though I get breathless after a few steps. I'm happy because I can now apply for a bus pass which will come in handy for me...but have to says until it arrives I shall be weary of this being a scam of sorts as it was truly too easy lol

I wonder if it's a postcode thing or just the way we filled in the form ?

Well I wondered that also, but I think saying I was now on ambulatory oxygen would certainly of helped my case lol..

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