Does anybody else with a breathing problems have difficulty waking up in the mornings?

I either wake up - or can sleep through 7 different alarms! Its not to do with going to bed late or early I can go to bed late and wake up and early and not wake up. It can be something I want to do don't want to do have to do .... the only factor is either I wake up or don't. If its really important sometimes I stay awake as so worried not going to wake up in time. Was wondering if this has anything to do with breathing problums/the medication?

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  • I can sleep like a log for 9 hours each night now and it's wonderful, after years and years of waking up two or three times, especially to go to the toilet. The difference has been my trusted BiPAP machine :)

    I sympathise with you though blackbird, as when I do wake up I'm comatose and can't do anything for at least the first hour/hour and a half. If my house was on fire I would struggle to get out in time !

  • I just feel awful in the mornings, I used to be a morning person, however it takes me a couple of hours to get going now

  • I can relate to this. I wake / get up at least 3 times a night usually cause i want a wee or can't breath. Like coughcake l feel lousy in the morning and take a while to get going. I'm lucky l don't have to get going early in the mornings any more. T/C. x

  • I understand this and I do suffer from grogginess in the morning. I put it down to waking up coughing in the night, therefore not getting enough sleep. Im not sure if it could be related to COPD apart from this. But who know hey? x

  • Hi Blackbird ,

    I had a similar problem , i would wake during the night about 4 or 5 times ,usually for the loo , and would be falling asleep after breakfast as i was so tired . It is worth ruling out sleep apnoea , i have a BIPAP the same as Ellan and it is marvelous . I now usually get a full 8 hours sleep a night where as before i could count on one hand the amount of full nights sleep i got in a year . It is because you stop breathing while you are asleep and it wakes you up so you don't get a deep sleep . Ask your consultant, resp nurse or GP to test you for sleep apnoea , i wish i had been tested years ago xx . good luck xx , i hope you find a solution xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • Dinny,

    I too have sort of the same problem. Sometimes I'm awake until 2-3am and then wake up 3-5 times before waking up around 8am. Other times I can go to bed by 11pm and not be awake until 11am, once again waking up through the night.

    Could I ask, what is involved in the test for sleep apnoea, please? x

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